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    The problem with interpreting Bible prophecy is that we aren't meant to understand it until the time comes. The prophecies of Daniel are to be "sealed up until the time knowledge increases". The prophecies of Matthew say "When you see these things come to pass". Prophecy is not meant to be a road map of the future. It is there so that when we see it being fulfilled we have the assurance that God is in control. Most prophecy will not be clear until the time that it comes to pass.
    Up until the modern age, any reference to something falling from the sky was assumed to be either a comet/asteroid or a fallen angel. It wasn't until modern man witnessed missiles falling from the sky that we had another possible meaning for these verses.
    And it was not until the nuclear age that we saw another clearer meaning for many more.
    Many Bible scholars, and with no hubris I include myself in that category, believe that the "wormwood" star will be a nuclear missile or missiles with the radiation polluting the waters and making them "bitter". We did not realize until the nuclear age that many prophecies of the Bible describe, very accurately, and uncannily, a world wide nuclear exchange. Where "men's tongues burn away in their mouths and their eyes burned away in their sockets" before their bodies fall dead to the ground. A pretty accurate description of what happens to someone caught in a nuclear blast.
    It wasn't until the mid '80's that we came to understand and believe that "Wormwood" was not a bitter plant or some demonic fallen angel. It is nuclear fallout. The Ukrainian name "Chernobyl" literally means "Wormwood". A word that today is associated around the world with nuclear pollution.
    I and others do believe however that the "Burning Mountain" in Revelation that falls from the sky and crashes into the ocean, destroying one third of all the ships in the world, will be a large asteroid or comet. The world wide tsunamis caused by it would cause men's "hearts to fail them from fear at the crashing of the waves".
    So trying to "interpret" prophecies before the time is right for them to be known, is an exercise in futility. Like I said, prophecy is there for the believers, so that when they see it being fulfilled, and they may not realize it is being fulfilled until it actually happens, then they have the assurance and promise that God is in control of all things. We know he is real and mighty because he has given us the indisputable evidence by "telling us the ending from the beginning". But trying to make those prophecies fit into today's world situation, and to make them fit into our current understanding, is akin to forcing a square peg into a round hole. You may get it to fit but it leaves a lot of gaps around the edges.
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    @Minuteman is correct, one will not truly know until the time is upon us. Some people are believing that this mural is a prediction:


    There is an asteroid, eclipse and what some believe is a young Donald. I cannot recall all the other things that people interpreted in this picture (also the sheep person just sitting there looking at what could be interpreted as a phone, oblivious to what is going on. But it is interesting that a few things from this picture are taking place this week.
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    @Motomom34 Where did this mural come from? Who painted it? A young Donald? Do you mean Trump?
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    @RickR yes, some believe that the boy depicted is a young Donald Trump. The mural is located at Bank of American in NC.

    Here is an old Alex Jones article on the mural-
    Prophetic Art in Bank of America
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    Wow! Amazing....why would an artist even paint something like this for a Bank no less...I mean, the Bank should be telling the artist what they want so... So, what is this? Scary... And, another in Denver Airport by same artist. And, both very much like the Georgian Guidestones. This is truly some scary stuff! Maybe there is something to these conspiracy theories after all...
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    The painter obviously is familiar with Bible prophecy and the painting reflects many themes from that. But as with prophecy itself, this type of art is very subjective. Each will see what they want to see in it. I see man in front of the burning bush, oblivious to the presence of God, a nod to moses as it is in the background because it was in the past. With the pyramid further back symbolizing his time as a prince of Egypt. I see the stairway to heaven and the person being "Caught up" in the rapture. The red tint to the right side is the "Moon shall turn red as blood", a sign of the end times, as is the "Sun shall be black as sackcloth". "And a child shall lead them". Pieces on a chess board with those wrapped up in the material life, the business man, the politician, the ultra pious religious figure represented by the Puritan, all caught up in their own world and oblivious to the events transpiring around them.
    I read the fanciful interpretations on Infowars. Typical Alex Jones anti NWO conspiracy theory. I think that is a very good example of seeing what you want to see.
    The second panel as well deals, IMHO, with religious themes. We see soldiers, people in bio warfare clothes, examples of conflict of all manner. While above we have beings in the air engaged in a physical altercation. "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against the principalities of the air". The world once again is preoccupied with their mortal world while the events of the spiritual goes on unnoticed.
    I think a religious backdrop is evident in all of this artists work. I think that is the prevalent theme in his works, not a prophetic subjugation of mankind by a NWO, Masonic order cabal. But that is how I see it, your mileage may vary.
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    Excellent @Minuteman what a great interpretation of that picture. :5s:
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