Worried about space weather?

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    DSCVR's launch on Feb. 11, 2015. (NOAA)

    A distant satellite called DSCVR is now sending information about potentially damaging space weather back to Earth, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA) announced last week.

    Ejections from the sun cause the aurora borealis we see on Earth, but it can also disrupt services like GPS, power grids, and telecommunications. The DSCVR satellite is a million miles from Earth— and 92 million from the Sun— and stays in between the two bodies, measuring the weather from the Sun headed towards Earth.

    “DSCOVR’s sensors measure the speed, density and temperature of the solar wind, and the strength and direction of the strong magnetic field as storms approach Earth, giving space weather forecasters better information with which to issue critical space weather warnings and alerts,” NOAA said in a statement. The information it sends back is received at the agency’s Space Weather Prediction Center.

    NOAA also said that a new model in development will help them provide more accurate forecasts for how space weather could affect different parts of the world, and not just the globe as a whole.

    The satellite— actually an older craft that was refurbished for this mission— was launched in February, 2015, and also has a NASA camera on it called EPIC that takes pictures of the Earth. In late July, NASA released a stirring video that shows a timelapse of the planet, comprised of images taken over a year. Because the satellite is in between the Earth and the Sun, our planet is completely illuminated in these images.
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    That's good news! A coronal mass ejection, CME, from the sun can be as devastating as an EMP from a nuclear weapon. With this satellite we should have some advanced warning to be able to shield our electronics and unhook from the grid to avoid as much damage as possible from a powerful CME.

    The CME Carrington Event of 1859 disrupted telegraph systems planet wide, causing fires, and shocks at some locations. The telegraph was the height of electrical technology at that time and was very primitive but robust compared to what we have come to depend on now.

    Interesting fact about the old telegraph system was that the stations, which were connected by copper wire mounted on wooden poles much like our electrical poles in use today, were powered by "earth batteries". These batteries were metal rods driven into the ground which produced enough voltage to operate the systems then in use. Seems like there might be an application for modern off grid situations that might produce enough power to operate a small radio using earphones, or other low voltage applications.
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    Phenomenal images YD. Thank you
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    Very cool and interesting, posts 1&2!
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    I am worried about getting clobbered with whatever is streaking across our skies.

    Last night-
    Mysterious fireballs seen streaking across San Diego sky

    Late July- maybe part of the meteor shower but maybe not
    Mystery Lights Streak Across Sky, Igniting Social Media Frenzy

    Here is one on the East Coast 5/17

    Mysterious flash of light streaks across sky in Los Angeles

    Mainly I read of this happening in CA and the Western states. Streaks, meteors or whatever has been happening more and more. I have been watching this for over a year. More frequency means.... [tf] and mine is double wrapped!
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    Perseids were this last weekend.... Happens every year in August..... Space Junk falling back to earth.... Happens daily.... Low Information Sheeple, making a BIG Deal out of everyday Occurrences, that they do NOT Understand.... Happens Hourly..... Sheeple, getting edgy.... Happens by the minute.... Life goes On..... and there is really NOTHING You can do about it, ANYWAY....
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    You did not get the memo? They are coming.... soon.
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    naw they are here disguised as SeaHawks. [lolol]
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