Worst Firefighter Ever

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Seacowboys, Dec 19, 2006.

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    Darwinian Award anyone? This guy is certified, or at least I think he is, and should know that the fuel source should never be within striking range of a flame. Idiot.
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    Hello,!!??? I like him slinging the lit gas bottle around throwing burning gasoline on the spectators.I think he gets to walk back to the station behind the truck.[reddevil]
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    By the way, although the manager of our fire-fighting school sent me that link, it wasn't one of ours...disclaimer
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    I think I could nominate our local volunteer fire department for that title as well. One of their favorite tactics for fighting nearly all fires is what they call 'positive pressure'. A good example of this that I saw in action recently was when a neighbors house was on fire. As far as I could see they had not vented the roof and had not broken out windows but when I got there (moments after them) they were standing in the open front door. They then took out the big fans normaly used to exhaust smoke after a fire is out and put it blowing IN to the front door. Their theory is that it pushes the fire back to what is already burning and contains it. Once the flames, that were previously unnoticable from the outside, started leaping from the back of the house, then they started hoseing it down. The fire by the way started near the front of the house. They also use a leaf blower to fight brush fires.

    Sorry but even while I may not have a degree in fire sciences I know the most fundamental thing to it is the 'triangle of fire' where you need fuel, energy and oxygen for fire to exist and you have to remove one or more to put it out. Adding O2 to fire just makes it hotter, its how I have used a wood fire and leaf blower to heat steel to nonmetalic heats in short order.

    Ok, I just saw the part about 'worst firefighter' and had to vent. lol
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