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    I'd like to find the plans for those noise "containments" on the rifle range.

    The Swiss philosophy of national defense is without peer.
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    Excellent thread, thanks for posting it. The Swiss have it right. I loved the part where the govt provided the ammo. If only......
    When talking to anti's I have heard the same statement over and over "it couldn't happen in a modern civilized society " to which my response is always the same "don't you think that Europe and Germany considered themselves to be modern and civilized in the 1940's? They never thought it could happen either."
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    +1 excellent, eye opening Thanks for the link.We tend to forget just going off on the bus to the superdome could have a more ominus connotation.
    I'll have to post this around where libbys perch and foul the air with "kumba-ya bullsh"( as necessary).
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    AF range at Kaiserslasutern (ramstien) in Germany had simple concrete culverts lined with egg crate foam for the m-60's. [gun]
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