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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by melbo, Sep 12, 2005.

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    WOW!!! It's times like these that you find out what you are made of.I only hope that there are more people out there like this guy.Great story.
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    This pisses me off!!!! Albiet that he is trying to help, you can bet your ass that if anyone reports this jack asses antics, it will be good military guys taking the heat. He's poping rounds out the door, all the neighborhood sees is the National Guard shooting at them! Driving over cars! Guard may be paying for this dirtbag's crap!
    Not meaning to be a prick here, but I turned this website over to our Brigade S2, I hope they catch him in a disaster area with his truck, uniform, and loaded weapon! I would attend the hanging! Grrrr
  4. melbo

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    I guess it goes back to the idea of a BO ambulance or other vehicle that might allow you to get from point A to B with little hassle if the Nation was in turmoil.
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    Sniper. I don’t want to insult you, but I would really like to clarify just exactly what it is that “pisses you off” about this guy.

    You say “this jack asses antics”

    Do you mean loading up a few thousand dollars worth of supplies and driving hundreds of miles to come to his friends’ aid? And then staying to help others?

    Your quote:

    “He's popping rounds out the door, all the neighborhood sees is the National Guard shooting at them!”

    I take it you are referring to this?

    “Wheeeee, an angry bee went by followed by a loud deep boom. Wheeee, boom again. CRAP! I've heard that before. Some son-of-a-bitch was shooting at us. I dropped and looked right. There were two men standing waist high behind a pile of scrap metal about 75 yards away. One had his arms up and was pointing at me. Everything went slo-mo and someone behind began to scream. My .45 was out and I was squeezing the first shot. I jerked and the weapon bucked. Idiot! Slow down! T he next 11 rounds were gone in seconds. The magazine was empty and I was ejecting and running behind the left side of the deuce. I got the second magazine in and released the slide with my thumb. I looked back at the people who were taking the food and they were gone! Every single one!
    I came around the front of the deuce slowly below the bumper. There they were, two heads popping up and down. They looked comical, were they crackheads? Two more booms. I knew what they were using, nothing in the world sounds like a .44 Magnum.
    Twelve more rounds at ½ second intervals, a whole lot of screaming from that direction. Eject, reload. Only 12 rounds left. The screaming is faint, I think my eardrums are damaged as I've never fired this thing without ear protection. The two of them pop up together and take off at high speed in the direction away from me.”

    Returning fire on two scumbags who are firing on innocent people gathered around to receive water and food. Is this the jack ass antics you are referring to?

    Or this?

    “There is one house with the water only about a foot deep around it. Standing in the yard are at least 60 people. There was a whole lot of "Praise Jesus!" going on. Then I realized, here were Grandma and all of her kin…………..
    A Blackhawk had dropped food a couple of days earlier, but since then nothing. The water had gone down far enough for the young girl to swim for help. She walked/swam through half a mile of sewage, chemicals, dead bodies, snakes and rats to find me. If there is a hero in this story, she was this bedraggled little girl. We loaded up, put the teenagers on the hood, roof and fenders, Granny and the kids up in the cab.
    Can you fit 60 people in and on a deuce? Yes sir, you can. It rides low and slow, but it still moves. “

    Or this quote from you ”Driving over cars! “

    “As far as the eye could see, someone had been playing pick up sticks. These sticks were 10 to 20 feet long and stacked 10 to 20 feet tall. Square miles of 2 by 4's were everywhere. Of course, they were all that remained of thousands of homes.
    We got to Joes subdivision and a pickup was upside down right in the middle of a stack of debris. I dropped the transmission into first, engaged low range on the transfer case then air locked the front axle. We played bumper cars for a few minutes, shoving some cars up onto lawns, some of them into the ditches. T he debris clung in clumps to the front of the truck, and we rammed it up onto the concrete slabs. Residents watched from a safe distance and then began to applaud.”

    Making a path for rescue vehicles to get in . Hmmm, I don’t think these residents are going to be complaining.

    Your quote “it will be good military guys taking the heat.”

    That would be like these guys?

    On Thursday, in the city's well-to-do Lower Garden District, a neighborhood with many antebellum mansions, members of the Oklahoma National Guard seized weapons from the inhabitants of one home. Those who were armed were handcuffed and briefly detained before being let go.

    Again your quote:

    “I hope they catch him in a disaster area with his truck, uniform, and loaded weapon! I would attend the hanging! Grrrr”

    All this happens the first 5 days after the hurricane. Well before any of the “good military guys” ever got there.

    “People wave and cheer as I pass by. I ask myself "Why"? Then it hit me. I am the only vehicle heading South. There were no military or relief convoys, no nothing heading South. Only streams of families heading North. “

    Would you go into that situation unarmed?

    I am not trying to bust your balls here. I am only trying to get you to rethink this. This guy went down to help an army buddy and his family and helped out as many as he could while he was there. Days before any organized relief showed up. So what is your beef with that?

    This type of "we’re the only ones who can do anything, carry weapons, go into disaster areas, etc., etc." Is exactly the type of thinking and conditioning of our military that allows them to blatantly violate the constitutional rights of their fellow citizens and think that it is OK. And someone with the moral fortitude to actually get out and do something, on their own, without waiting for any proper sanction, that type of person is threatening to them. And to quote you, is a “jack ass” and a “dirt bag”.

    I only pray that there are many more of these types of jack asses and dirt bags in this country.
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  7. melbo

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    "She had a gun, a gun is a gun and that makes this a different story."
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    My ears opened wide when I head this San Franciscan report say that, too, melbo.
  9. melbo

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    Add the fact that it's the CHP... They only see Criminals with handguns so It makes them even jumpier.

    They're going to shoot someone Honest and Legal soon.
  10. sniper-66

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    Minuteman, It isn't the fact that he wanted to help or did help, what pisses me off is that he dressed up as a soldier and did this. No different than if he put on a cop uniform and drove a cruiser down into a riot and started cracking skulls. He used his uniform and knowledge of the military to conduct illegal activities. If he wanted to help, there are volunteer ways of doing it, like the red cross.
    This dirt bag put soldiers and other rescue people at risk let alone his. I don't have a problem with people doing what they need to do to save themselves and others, but for this man to drive a Duece in and impersonate people he doesn't have a right to impresonate is wrong and illegal. Actually, going back and reading the story, I am going to call BS on his story. To many things that don't shake out right. As for no military, that isn't true, I spoke with a Major that was at the dome on Day 1 until after I got there. Many of the guys I am flying with were here on Day 2 and 3. As for vehicles, Many of the LA guys were here with vehicles on Day 2 and three, well before this guy got here, so I think his story is BS. Matter of fact, unless he provides pictures, I would lay money that it didn't happen! Walter Mitty syndrome.

    P.S. The Oklahome pilots are based here with me and after showing them this story, they called BS, their guys are nowhere near the area he describes. As a matter of fact, the Guard isn't allowed to do that. Here is our standing order, and I quote, "No DOD elements will articipate in forced evacuation ops nor execute any ops dealing with the recovery of deceased persons."
  11. Minuteman

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    I have to admit that the B.S. monitor was flickering in the back of my mind as I read this also. IF to any degree it is true, I would think that it is probably highly exagerated. But IF it was 100% true then I would hope that I would have a loyal friend like that who would do whatever it took to come to my aid. Illegal or not. On that we will just have to agree to disagree.

    As for the NG troops down there, I in no way meant to demean you guy's at all. I have all the respect in the world for guys like you that put thier lives on hold to serve our nation.Thank you for your service.And I am, and have been, praying for your safety down there.

    But again IF any military, NG, or LEOs are taking part in "illegal" confiscation of law abiding citizens weapons, then I do have a big problem with that. I hope that what you say is true and goes for all of the units.But that is not what we are hearing on the sic "news". I would hope that troopers from my home state would have the back bone to refuse any order that blatantly contradicts the Constitution that they are sworn to defend.

    This is just for clarification.The quote about the Okla. NG troops was not from
    this guys blog.That is from the New York times.Not to say that they are any more accurate. But that is the reports that we are getting here from news agencies that NG troops and federal law enforcement agents are entering homes, cuffing people and confiscating all weapons. This is a very disturbing trend that has a lot of people outraged.

    Maybe you can give us some of your observations from ground zero. Is there talk of this among the troops? And are any of them disturbed by it?
  12. monkeyman

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    Here is our standing order, and I quote, "No DOD elements will articipate in forced evacuation ops nor execute any ops dealing with the recovery of deceased persons."

    I thought one of the things you had been haveing to do was body hauls.
  13. sniper-66

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    No offense taken on any part of this, this is what these boards are for, educating ourselves. We may get heated or pationate about something, but I will never hold a grudge against anyone for dissent with anything I say. I too hope that I have friends that would come take care of me, but to break the law without having to isn't cool. As for confiscation of weapons, it is a real fine line we are dealing with here. If someone owns guns illegally or is using them illegally, then how do you decide to remove them without a Judge and Jury? And as it goes today, I don't trust the courtroom any more than I do any other governmental agency, just look at O.J.
    All I can say is that this is going to get even more interesting before it goes away. By the way, the news. Don't take about half of what you see and hear about what is going on as the truth, most journalist don't know what they are seeing. Speaking of which, CNN sued to get the rights to take pictures of the dead people in the streets, for journalistic purposes of course. How about the 82nd Captain that stopped them, then when presented with the truth that he couldn't stop them, used his HUMMVEE's to block their view! What a great soldier!
  14. melbo

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    I agree on the dissenting and opposing views. That's how we learn. We're all adults here and a little heat never hurt anyone
  15. sniper-66

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    Damn! You ain't going to believe this, I drew a mission this morning to take a congressman down to the Garden District to visit the Oklahoma Guard. I was going to get the info straight from the horses mouth, but then at the last minute, the Oklahoma pilots got the mission changed so they could fly their own congressman! Damn the luck!
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    "Politics" thrive during disasters
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