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    A shed and the colors of turning trees are reflected in a pond in Phillipston, Massachusetts October 10, 2006.
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    Beautiful picture Quigs...

    Made me think of my ex husband...kind of a psuedo hippie yuppie..:rolleyes:

    He was going to give away a beautiful shirt he had gotten because "I refuse to wear colors not found in Nature"...

    I was very kind and told him there were no colors not found in nature...

    He kept coming at me with "Hot Pink" ..uh,...Flamingo's ??

    Lime green??
    Have you ever been to the Rain Forest???

    and on and on...lose/lose situation...

    He irritated the crapola out of me with his Holier than Thou tree hugger stuff.....:rolleyes:

    Oh well....just a story... :D
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