Wow, Nobody Posting In Here.

Discussion in 'Bushcraft' started by sticks65, May 8, 2010.

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    Thought I wasn't going to notice that huh Melbo....[peep]

    Yeah... o.k.... just what does an old fart smell like? :D
  2. ghrit

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    'Bout the same as a young fart on steroids. ;)
  3. pcc

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    Please tell me that's not so, I figure as long as I have enough guns and ammo I can take what I don't have. Isn't that the survivalist way???

    Twinkies last forever, I've got five cases. So there [rofllmao]
  4. sticks65

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  5. vegasrandall

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    I miss the knife pics sticks.keep up the cause.
  6. Suerto

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    All the brits (and scots) that I've come across working in the oilfield seem to be very much in the same frame of mind as most "sterotypical" american republicans.. Wish for smaller govt, less taxes, want for more gun rights, and dont trust the govt is gonna do them right..

    just my .02 observation..
  7. Suerto

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    Then again, I do have cousins in London (my great uncle was over there for the war, married a brit and stayed), when they've come to visit and we discuss geo-political issues, they are "stereotypical" liberal.. Pro-govt, pro-welfare.. all they really care about is where the next pint is coming from.. In south Louisiana, us cajuns are typically considered alcoholics compared to the rest of the south, but my cousins from London are friggin drunkards.. According to them thats how everybody is there..
  8. sticks65

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    Well not quite everyone LMFAO.

    Every friend I have is pro gun and anti liberal but like the odd beer at the weekend.
  9. Zimmy

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    I never chimed in because it’s not proper to interrupt while the teacher is talking.

    I know a little about a lot but there’s no reason to broadcast my lack of
    expertise on EVERY subject.

    I came here to learn.

    Carry on.
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  10. Zimmy

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    Holy Reanimation!

    I didn’t realize this thread was that old. I was just going through the featured threads section. ;)
  11. ghrit

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    Sometimes we dig up REALLY old ones. Updates and new info welcome.
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  12. Zimmy

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    He’s been gone 11 months. I’m not sure my reanimation skills are that strong. Maybe I could pull it off on ZS. :(

    I could keep my tribe alive in the woods in a strictly central or north Texas wilderness bugout. There’s so many folks living in the AO we could only do that forever in the event of a horrible pandemic.

    It would be jury rigged as a refugee camp in central Africa and we’d be skinnier. But I think I could provide basic food and ditch medicine for a dozen down by the river and drinking water from one of the countless bucket wells abandoned in the area.

    I’ll try to add something to this sub forum
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  13. arleigh

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    There is a "Bushcraft forum" I visit, with trainings and challenges .
    they get into learning the woods fibers and materials for many different types of friction fire and all things related to bush craft. I've learned volumes .
    They tend to be a very devout knife culture, and several black smiths.
    Survivlism is shared from time to time, but not the main interest .
    Bush craft is not some thing you just talk about ,It really does take some practice and patience, Not just making friction fire but care in carving things with out carving your self.
    I believe there are some pros there as well for what to do if you do manage to carve you self.
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