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    Lets' see here now:

    44 Mayors, Rabbi's and firemen/chiefs (?), councilmen/legislator's, etc., etc... all arrested in New York, ( who would've guess that one?) by the FBI, re: money laundering, selling fake GUCCI hand bags and trafficking in human organs! (kidneys or livers anyone?) Fresh to you from the Holy Land!
    That's right! ( Hope it's not from Hamas, or the Palestinians!)
    They say it goes all the way back to Israel! ???
    Lot's of money being transferred to Israel from this scam.....
    FBI took (5 ?) years to investigate and to round them all up in one shot!
    ( BTW want to guess what political affiliation they are?....Looks like the republican party just earned a "one-up-man-ship"! The Dem's are really seething!)

    ( forgot to add this):
    New York has to reimburse medicare 540 million dollars for FRAUD!
    Wow! No wonder health care has gone up! (Just Wait until they get to Florida!)

    16 states cannot process/pay their unemployment benefits for those filing, due to : 1) they are broke! 2) System backup due to so many, filing new claims! 3) Many are being denied and the process is being 'deliberately delayed' until they can arrange for funding....(Oh boy!)
    Many persons and their families may go weeks or months until they get their first checks! (That's going to cause a disaster!)
    Some are getting I.O.U.'s!!! (Good grief!)
    Most states have already tapped into their 911 funds to pay for unemployment until it too went broke!
    Interesting, no? ( Hope they dont have any real "heavy" emergenices!)

    But wait, there's still more!

    Today the new minimum wage goes into effect, raising it now to $7.25 an hour....Many employers say this will close their doors, and othere say they will have to lay-off 50% or more of their employees, to make it, and that fact still remains uncertain.
    It affects a lot of restaurant workers/waitress' etc.
    Now,... Canada has a minimum wage today of $9.50 and it is soon going up to $10.25!
    (Wonder how that happened?)

    Now, ever since my crystal ball got knocked off the table and shattered, I don't make predictions, HOWEVER, I really feel this is about where we begin to see the know, where you slide off the side of the "flat" earth into nothingness!???
    Persdoally I will be amazed IF we all make it another 90 days.....

    Race/racism is getting crazy and being "driven" by even "O"....
    Remarks, and events having happened as of late, do not bode well for this country......or the people!

    I am far from a doom and gloomer, But...
    I am taking all my professional photography equipment to a store today and IF I can get .20 on the dollar, it's gone, and I'm on my way to getting a few more things just as fast as I can....
    "IF" they are honest people, I will walk away with $10-12k in my pocket and they will get a LOT of pro cameras, studio equipment, lab equipment, tripods, etc.
    "IF" they are not, I will walk out and take my losses, as I figured I'd have to do some time ago.

    The funds I'd get, would go a long way to getting more foods for emergencies, and should I get enough, I'll buy some specialty equipment for the "bad times".
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    Quote: "Wow! No wonder health care has gone up! (Just Wait until they get to Florida!)"

    Good thing it's shaping up to a slow Hurricane Season! No sense taxing o's lack of eptitude any more than he is now......?
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    It's shaping up to be yet another "Katrina", and WE are ALL in Louisiana!
    Good grief!
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