wrong shift and broke anyway

Discussion in 'Financial Cents' started by monkeyman, Jul 26, 2006.

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    Well, I guess since I was totaly broke anyway it wouldnt have mattered much but if I would have had some money the other day could have made one hell of a buy at work. I just started at the local convenience store and someone came in the other day on the shift ahead of me and had $30 worth (face value) of silver quarters that they were useing to buy stuff and willing to sell the rest at face value.:eek:

    Like I say I was broke anyway so wouldnt have done me much good and by the time I got there the other workers had bought them all from the register already. I would have loved to have had the chance though to have picked up 3 rolls of silver quarter, good condition even from the ones I saw, for $30!

    Once I get a paycheck am definatly going to have to keep some cash in my wallet for stuff like that.
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    OH MAN!!!! [smsh]

    That sux. I would have tripled your cash on that in a heartbeat ;) or 5X

    With the new job,I bet you will see that again. Especially if gas goes to $5 a gallon....

    Best deal I ever got was from a dealer that found a girl using 'grandpa's old shoebox' full of 90% to buy smokes. I don't know what he paid her but he sold me all $400 face at 5x. She couldn't count either.... The bag, which had been uncounted by the dealer, had $700 face in it.

    I'm an honest guy, Give back the extra $10 that the teeny bop grocery clerk gives me in change, etc. But what was I to do? Hand an extra $2K back to the guy that sold it to me? He wouldn't have given it back to her.

    She was happy as she prolly got 2 or 3X face out of it, He got 5X and I got a bunch extra. Anonimity soothes the soul....
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    Always be "prepared".... Opportunity is fickle and knocks at the door at the strangest times.... its good practice.... and some of those loses or wins are good training for when you will need it the most... JMHO....

    Party on!!!
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