WTF? China trains at JBLM?????

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by AD1, Nov 21, 2015.

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    80 soldiers from China’s People’s Liberation Army are visiting Joint Base Lewis-McChord
    It’s the first time Chinese troops have been invited to train in the continental United States

    That is so bizarre because this is a clip from a report on the 30th-
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    If joint training in Civil disaster search and rescue techniques is as dark and dastardly as this kind of military cooperation gets...then the exercise can be no bad thing. I mean to say...soldiers at the ground level realising that their counterparts on the other side of the ocean are actually human, instead of stooges of the imperialist capitalist running dogs...well, what is the world coming to?

    Next, warfare will devolve into competitive song and dance cultural exchanges instead of bloody mortal combat. :eek: Oh the horror.

    South Pacific



    The Red Detachment of Women.
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    From the article above:
    From JBLM:
    To get help where it is needed, natural disasters require rapid deployment of supplies, generators, medical personnel etc. So do military operations.
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    The Chinese troops are there to assess our capabilities in preparation for our eventual military clash. If you think they are here for any other reason I have a unicorn with low miles I can sell you dirt cheap. I have it tied up out back by a rainbow I'll throw in for free....
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    Interested here.....does that rainbow come with a pot of gold?
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    A pot of gold and a Punch Bowel with a Trrd.

    Loose lips sink ships, add alcohol at the O Club and you sink the US.
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    Sure does - right at the end of the rainbow the unicorn is tied to. Picture below. All sales are final and not responsible for anything 1 nanosecond after the sale is complete. I take PayPal and bit coin...
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    My standard Gareentee is " Five Feet, or Five Seconds, Which ever comes First...."
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