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    Saw a post on FaceBook, about my Federal Senator supporting Obummers Gun Control Initiatives. Now, I have eMailed him twice before on this issue, So WTF, Over.... Here is my email, to him this morning.

    Sir, This is my THIRD eMail to you on your supporting the Presidents Gun Grab.... I told you that You would be a One Term Senator, if you even looked like you are supporting the Democratic Parties Position on this issue. Now I see this posted on Facebook.....

    National Association for Gun Rights · Suggested Post Sign your petition telling Mark Begich to STOP Supporting Barack Obama's anti-gun agenda! LIKE and SHARE!

    Sign my petition ►► National Association for Gun Rights - Federal Targets - MARK BEGICH

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    I will be researching this to see if it is a TRUE representation. If I find that it is TRUE, Your toast, and I will spend my "LAST DIME" to see ANYONE else, elected to your seat. Remember, when you were Elected, you just barely managed to win over a Convicted Felon..... I had better see a repudiation, and SOON, from your Office.

    Bruce Gordon Excursion Inlet, Alaska

    This is the response, I received this afternoon, from a Staffer......

    Hi Bruce,

    Thanks for your note to Senator Begich. I also saw the Facebook ad this weekend. I signed up to see what they were talking about but also got no extra info. I don't know what this group is talking about--Senator Begich has an A rating from the NRA and is NOT proposing any legislation to take away guns. He's also not supporting any bills here in Congress to limit your guns. I suspect this group is trying to use his name to raise money even if their information is false. Thanks for checking in on it. Let me know if I can answer any questions for you. Thanks!

    Leslie Ridle
    Deputy Chief of Staff
    Senator Begich

    So, It looks as if someone is trying to raise money, or otherwise, put some Extra Pressure on our "Good" Senator Begich, (D) to keep him on the Straight and Narrow... which he seems to be walking, at this time....... Still interesting, to note..... ..... Doesn't hurt to keep checking....
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    I have found NAGR to be unreliable and seemingly just a fundraising mill...

    GoA are the folks I pay attention to.
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    LMAO!!! Another letter writer. Good for you. I do have to say I am envious that you received a reply and a personal one also. I get canned replies and usually can't even get a call through. I envy that your D senator actually votes for the people. Mine ask Obummer which way to vote and what @ss cheek to kiss. Keep on them BT, let them know you are watching.
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    Good for you BT. I know our reps personally and have made my position very clear to them both state and fed. Thankfully we got rid of the demon craps last election--including the governor. But he is a RHINO on most issues.
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