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    True story...My buddy packed theshop " race truck" andheaded to davenport Iowa for a weekend of flattrack racing.The truck is the shop box truck,400+ ford diesel, regular old hydraulic brakes, sleeper cab.loaded with his 3 racebikes tools leathers & fuel as he has done for over 30 years.

    Gettingoff my bike this morning at the shop Today" Steve call?" I ask: his dad says "wait'll I tell ya the story..."
    Uhoh I think, Steve's put himself in the hospital, ?
    no worse...
    uh-oh, thetruck broke down
    no worse
    Uhhhh Steve got arrested,? taser1
    No, close, Good guess: rolling in to Iowa some troopers pulls him over for no D.O.T. #'s on the truck...(huh? strike1)

    ( WTF?except Steve is hauling his personal sporting equipment,

    "Lets see your"logs"(double huh? strike2)

    the truck has to stay at a local hotel for 10 hours ( nologs ,I can understand thelogic behind that( no logs= mandatory 10hrs rest) but steve is not a commercial truck for hire).
    troopersays"but you do this ( race) for prize money, truck is over 10,000lbs
    $2000 fine..."
    Steve catches a fellow raceron the cell to stop at the hotel , transfer his gear over, and off to the races.
    Result of a State Govt. Money shortage????[peep]
    Time to buy that winnebago with the garage built in the rear...
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    ...and it's just getting started!
    I can see the increase as the local police, highway patrols come under pressure to increase their stats on ticket writing...
    Mosty will NOT be arguable before a magistrate or constable/referee...
    You PAY, or you will PAY!

    Here recently, you get a ticket, no argument and no fines right away for tossing a cigarette butt out the window of your car....
    Instead you get a court appearance ticket...YOU have to go before a local judge and they determine how much you will pay...depending on your attitude!

    Soon, from the "rumors" I have heard from local sources, the fire departments will send you a bill for any accidents where they respod, whether you call them or someone else does....This does NOT include the newest "crash and pay" being levied by police departments in several states....
    This is new and improved!
    "IF" the fire department comes to a fire on your property, you must be able to "produce" your "proof of insurance" before they attempt to extinguish it?
    Oh boy!
    I have seen where there were 3 separate "VOLUNTEER" fire departments that responded to a house fire here, and the 3 separate departments were arguing over who had jurisdiction, as the home went up in flames....
    Of course they were all sued....but to what end?

    So, "IF" your neighbors house burns, and you suffer damages as well, you will be billed for their services? Or, say an uninsured/underinsured drunk driver runs thru your home and you get Billed as you have the greater insurance they can collect from?
    I can see this is going to cause some severe legal problems.....
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