WTFs up with digital TV?

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by monkeyman, Jan 21, 2008.

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    The logic still sems flawed to me. The cable and dish companies already broadcast in digital and can give you 500 channels of nothing on, its the broadcast free TV that will be affected by this and at least in any area I have been in they are no where even close to filling up the chanels already available for that. Usualy about 3 of the 9 or so UHF channels are filled and about 3-7 of what about 40 VHF chanels available. So there is WAY more band width available even in analog than what there is demand for for broadcast TV.

    As far as the emergency services there is all the ham channels, 80 (at least) side bands to CB, dozens of comercial bands at least, and other bands available not to mention that they could just as easily have a system like the Nextel phones and have even better coms than the radios offer.

    The only reasons for it that would seem to make any logical sense to me would be either as a spy factor by forceing folks to update equiptment to something that has capacity to do whats wanted for spying capacity (like the E911 'upgrade' on cell phones to force anyone wanting a cell phone to be GPS trackable) or to sell favors to the people makeing the converter boxes and digital TVs (none of which happen to be in the US anymore so not to help the econemy by creating jobs here) since it then creates a forced market for their goods if anyone wants a TV.

    If they were doing it to savespace on broadcast bandwidth it would make WAY more sense I would thing to go after the radios anyway since in most markets there are several times as many radio stations (still not close to filling the bandwidth) as there are TV stations, but then radios are generaly cheaper than TVs or even converter boxes.
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    Digital manipulation is coming to a town near you. You'll have to have the two way box. Your own personal monitor for you. We watch them, they watch us.
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    "kill your tv?"
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    They can watch you now without a digital TV, so they way I look at it as long as I have something good to watch, they can watch me watching TV
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    nekkid in a bean bag chair eating cheetos?[lolol]:shock:taser1taser1
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    Hey I could do that just to punish them and make SURE they want to turn it off. lol
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    [lolol]Mysterious rash of orange "wanker" stains baffle physicians: Al Quada suspected.
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    Its simple, when the average idiot gets all his info and entertainment from t.v. and the flow only comes down gov controlled cables, what do you think ? (bbc1 bbc2 usa1usa2? )and it can be shut off in an "emergency" with the stroke of a computer key...(??)how deep is the rabbit hole?
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