WTS M291 Decontamination Kits

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    Up for sale are M291 skin decontaminating kits. These are the same decon kits issued by the US military. Each kit includes 6 decon packets and are $18 per kit. They were manufactured in September 2008 and have a reinspect date of September 2013, but will be servicable for many years beyond that. They are designed to completely decontaminate your skin through physical removal, absorption, and neutralization of toxic agents with no long-term harmful ecfects. This may be useful or wanted by some in a SHTF scenario. I will make copies of the manual and include it if requested. Thanks for looking.
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    Are these kits still available?
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    If you haven't already make sure you clear it with the admin before you post anything to sell, they have a process to go through before Monkey's can advertise things. Just giving a heads up
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