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    I have tons of medical gear that I do not need. I have filled mine and my wife's bag and figured others could use it. Some is mil spec. Here is a list of what I have. I have pictures of all of this gear.

    Curity gauze sponge 4x4 1.00

    1000ml lactated ringer injector 10.00

    acs asherman chest seals 10.00

    basic corpsman kit 50.00

    sams splint 10.00

    auto suture stapler 12.00

    gauze sponges 4x4 full pack of 200. 15.00

    z pack 1.75

    nar emergency dressing 6in 5.00

    wool military blanket 25.00

    alcohol prep pads 5.00

    krelixs lg gauze 4.5x4.1 3.00

    big cinch abdominal bandage 5.00

    cotton tip applicators 1.00

    vantage point syringe 3cc 1.00

    cat tourniquets 10.00

    instantanious infusion system neg

    quick clot 15.00

    hemcon 15.00

    lg self ad gauze rolls 3.00

    israli bandages 6.00

    h bandages 5.00

    h and h comp gauze 2.00

    cover sponges 4 for 1.00

    nar king ltd. 20.00

    Pictures by j-crouse - Photobucket

    this link is to the album with pictures of everything..

    As of now i have multiples of everything..

    email me with list of what you are looking for and how many. accept paypal and i can cut deals for larger orders..

    i have access to most things at good costs.. i am not here to rip anyone off by any means. if anything im trying to save others from going to mil surplus stores and getting screwed. email me joshua.crouse90@gmail.com and we can discuss. subject line Medical Gear so i know its not spam. thanks for looking guys
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