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    WTS My GSG5PK Not GSG522 **SPF**

    Hi Everyone,
    Sorry it has been awhile since I have been on this sight. Recently I have occurred some medical expenses and have to sell off a great portion of my stuff to cover what my insurance company won't.
    So up for sale is my favorite pistol, my GSG5PK.
    It has about 200 rounds down the barrel. The pistol is in excellent condition but the case is scratched which you can see in the pictures.
    The GSG5PK comes with the following

    factory items:
    factory manual
    case (scratches from taking it in and out of my safe)
    flash hider
    10 rd factory magazine
    lock and key
    factory screwdriver with bits
    extra factory front sights

    things I have added:
    1 22rd used factory magazine
    2 22 new factory magazine still in the box
    fieldsports compact red dot laser
    railed forarm (have the original forarm)
    U.A.G. red/green dot sight
    Hk quick take down pins (have the original screws)

    I'm asking 500.00 shipped from Vermont overnight UPS to the FFL 01 of your choice. I really need to sell this but I can not go below 500.00 because of the overnight shipping so the price is firm.

    any question please email or IM me
    thanks everyone
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    Still up for sale
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