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WTS- Pistol Mags

Discussion in 'Buy Sell Trade' started by recon, Jul 24, 2006.

  1. recon

    recon Senior Member Founding Member

    WTS-Pistol Mags!
    These are all highcap mags. All are after market mags unless noted. Plus these are all pre ban mags. Good for Range mags!

    13-Beretta Cougar 9mm-15rd-$5 each deliv. Pro Mags
    11-Berttta 92f 9mm-15rd-$5 each deliv. USA Mags
    9-Sig-228 9mm-13rd-$5 each deliv. USA Mags
    9-Glock-17 metal 9mm-15rd--$5 each deliv.
    4-TZ,FIE,P9,EAA 9mm-15rd-$5 each deliv.
    3-Glock-30rd metal 9mm-$5 each deliv.

    Ram Line Mags-
    6-Sig 226 9mm-15-17rds-$8 each deliv.
    3-Beretta 9mm mags-15-17rds-$8 each deliv.
    1-Fits Sig&Beretta&Tarus 9mm-15-17rds-$8 deliv.
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