WTS PLR-16 .223 pistol

Discussion in 'Firearms and Related' started by mage2, Oct 26, 2010.

  1. mage2

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    I am looking to part with my PLR-16, about 100 rounds through it with no failures. Comes with front rail system from kel-tek, single point sling, muzzle brake/comp, 2 extra 30rnd magazines and 60 live federal .223 rounds brass cased. Also going to throw in what 223 brass I have. I have not counted it but its once fired by me and collected, figure 80-100 not 100% on the amount of brass cause well I have not sorted and counted. I have the box the pistol came in also

    I am asking $550 with all thrown in or make me an offer,
    Would prefer FTF somewhere near austin but ill travel a little to meet someone.
    I am pretty much tied up on the weekdays with work so would be available on weekends.
    Am interested in some trades and/or partial trades.
    Looking for a 22 pistol, stuff in .45 ACP , 7.62x39,30-06, decent wheel guns, or 12 gauge shotguns leaning tward home protection type, or other interesting things.
    Its a fun gun nothing wrong with it just not on my list.
    Well let me know if there are any questions or offers.
    Thanks for reading my rambling.

    Kel-Tec PLR-16 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    mine has the sling and a bigger comp.
  2. ISplatU

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    I use to own one of these, they are fun hand cannons!
  3. mage2

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    indeed they are and more accurate than i expected. My first time using this I was hitting clay pidgins @ about 100 yards open sights.
  4. melbo

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    Clays in the air with a pistol? Wow
  5. Mountainman

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    NOT, clays on the ground.
  6. mage2

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    i wish i was that good and/or lived in a place where i would feel safe with a possible miss, but alas i am neither, this was the clays placed on a berm.

    Anywho its been traded off, i gots me a m6 scout now 22 hornet and 410 with accessories.
    thanks for all the replys, as usual this forum rocks
  7. Minuteman

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    Reminds me of a true story. My brother and I and a couple of friends were out target shooting. We had several cases of clay pidgeons I had picked up at a garage sale. We were putting them on a sand embankment next to the river and shooting rifles and pistols.

    I had read about this little trick in a gun magazine and decided to try it. I had one clip of .45 acp loaded with shotshells. While my brother was getting some more targets out of the box I switched clips in my 1911. I told him to throw a pidgeon up in the air and let me try to hit it. Him and the others all said that was impossible. I said let me try.

    I managed to miss the first two by being cocking and snap shooting. After that I took a "ready" stance and had him throw it about 5' out in front of me. I broke the next 3 in a row. missed one then hit the last one.
    Needless to say my bro and friends were duly impressed!! I watched as they emptied the rest of the box trying to duplicate my "Impossible" shot.!!LOL.

    I never did tell them what I had done. They are probably still telling the tale of this guy they saw who could shoot clay pidgeons out of the air with a 1911. LOL!!!
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  8. mage2

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    MinuteMan nice story, every time i see those shotshells for 45 ACP i wonder how usefull they are.
  9. Can you sell it out of state?
  10. techsar

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    Irrelevant now...it was gone in post #6.
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