WTS Stag 7h 20" .8spc

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    I now have 2 6.8spcs and figured I'd put one up. This gun has only had around 20 to 30 rounds down the pipe. In like new condition. I am open to pretty much any offers.

    Here is a description for the upper.

    When precision counts and missing is not an option Stag Arms is there for you. The Model 7 Series of rifles builds upon Stag Arms reputation for excellence and brings it to the next level. The 6.8mm SPC comes with a 20 inch Stainless Steel barrel with a 1/11 twist and Spec II chamber, a Stag Arms free float tube, gas block, and a A3 upper receiver.

    I would be willing to do this gun 4 ways.

    1) is complete gun (900)

    2) is complete gun with scope (1350)

    3) is complete upper with scope (1050)

    4) is complete upper (550)

    The scope mount is included with scope.

    The scope is a vortex viper 6.5-20x44 with mil dot reticule with a burris PEPR scope mount.

    The lower is a Surplus ammo and arms lower made by Aero with a PSA LPK.

    The stock and grip are both magpul.

    If you have any questions or offers please let me know. Bipod not included.

    68spc3. 68spc1.
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