WTS: Used USMC ILBE Marpat ARCTERYX Main Packs

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  1. JGrelle

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    I have some USED USMC Marpat ILBE (Improved Load Bearing Equipment ) ARCTERYX Main Backpack's for sale.

    Designed by Arc’teryx’s LEAF (Law Enforcement and Armed Forces) program and manufactured by Propper Inc., the USMC ILBE is made from Cordura 725 denier fabric, with pixilated MARPAT (MARine PATtern) printed onto it. The pack also bears a PALS grid (Pouch Attachment Ladder System) for smaller modular attachments.

    The Main pack is 4500 Cu In. & can easily carry over 100lbs
    More info here: ILBE - Improved Load Bearing Equipment | ILBE Backpack

    These packs are used & some have tears & rips, mainly cosmetic & all easily repairable, but are in overall good functional condition, They are not in new condition, but the prices reflect that. IMHO they are still a great quality pack (they are a bit dusty could use a light cleaning). Prices below now include a good condition top cover

    Price Depending on condition.

    Good: (minor cosmetic wear) $150.00 shipped (Sold out for now)
    Average Plus (Not up to my Good Condition Standards but better than average: May have some minor Fraying on Straps, possibily some minor stitching that has come un done on straps, or other very minor flaws. $130 Shipped
    Average: (may have frayed or torn strap & or broken buckle (will include replacement buckle) easily repairable $90.00 shipped
    Worn: ( May have medium rips & tears, and possibility a broken buckle (will include replacement buckle), Frayed Straps, or other flaws all repairable) $75.00 shipped
    Worn as above W/ missing waistband: and some repairable & rips & tears $60.00 shipped (waistbands are available on e-bay as well)

    Top Covers alone: $30 for a Good condition Top cover with a good map compartment zipper, $20 for one with a defective zipper

    These are awesome packs, and with the exception of the ones missing the waist band, they are fully functional as is & you can get one for a fraction of what they list for on e-bay. New these sell for over $450 & complete used ones for $250 & up

    If you have questions Please e-mail as I don't check my pm's as often me.
    I will consider all reasonable offers.

    Although I have just a few posts here, you can check my feed back on the Snipers Hide forum, the M14 firing line forum, WarRifles, & AR15.com under the same username

    Thanks for looking & Semper Fi

    This first pack is one of the "Good" condition packs. The one pictured is already spoken for, but I still have a few more similar to it.
  2. Brokor

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    Nice packs when they are new, but these seem to be worth what you are asking for. I would buy one, but I just bought a new pack last month, and the recent Bates Tora Bora's took my expendable income for the month.

    I still want one of these. They really are fabulous packs.
  3. JGrelle

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    Thanks for the comments
    They are in really decent condition . The ones I classify as good, are a bit dusty have some minor scuffing & possibly a minor surface tear on the outer fabric of the waistband, but nothing that would affect it's function/performance in the least bit. They are a real good deal. Even the average ones will have no issues that will affect their function, just a bit more used.
  4. JGrelle

    JGrelle Monkey+++

    Some better pictures, This is one of the "Good" condition packs. The one pictured is already spoken for, but I still have a few more similar to it.
  5. siucatga

    siucatga Monkey+

    Hey I am interest in this pack, can you send me an email at K1chow@csbsju.edu thanks
  6. Minuteman

    Minuteman Chaplain Moderator Founding Member

    I just bought one of these. Wow!! Very nice. I have spent a lot more money for a lot less quality. These are well worth what he is selling them for.
  7. JGrelle

    JGrelle Monkey+++

    Thanks for the comments!,
    I also now have Top covers for the packs. Price for Top cover is $40 shipped for a Good condition top cover with good map compartment zipper.
  8. supersoup

    supersoup Monkey+

    J-I am very interested in your packs, send me an PM Thanks!
  9. tammygotcher

    tammygotcher Monkey+

    love to get one,though we just bought new packs for a trip a month ago...
  10. mattnthehat

    mattnthehat Monkey+

    I'm intrested in one of these. If you can email me at mattnthehat02@aol.com. Do still have any that are in good condition. I'd also like to get a Top Cover. Thanks
  11. USMCLTSmith

    USMCLTSmith Monkey+

    I am a LT in the Marine Corps and I would like to get one. Do you still have some of the good condition packs left? Please email @ jonsubwaysmith@sbcglobal.net . I live in KC, so maybe the shipping will be less.
  12. JGrelle

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    Still some packs now available, remaining packs may have torn straps or a broken buckle that can be easily repaired (replacement buckle will be included if it has a broken one), zippers still good. Prices adjusted for the packs with defects.

    e-mail me at j.grelle@cox.net
  13. Nerdcodie

    Nerdcodie Monkey+

    MAin Pack Good Top Sack

    Hello there, and welcome to all. I was wondering if you still have any of the Min Pack(2nd Gen.) top pouches in good condition left. I would very much like to purchase one. Admire your collection.
  14. JGrelle

    JGrelle Monkey+++

    PM Sent, Top Covers still available & also price drop on Average & lesser packs
  15. keeble1

    keeble1 Monkey+

    Wish I would've bought my pack from JGrelle!

    Received a pack (ILBE) from Ebay....and dont think it is what they advertised
    Live and learn

    Might look at getting one if theyre still available
  16. DUGuy

    DUGuy Monkey+

    any left? email sent
  17. cetane

    cetane Monkey+

    I am really looking for these packs. Do you have the assault packs to attach to them? Also the RECON version? My email _____________

    Edited to remove e-mail address. It's a privacy issue, cetane. Strongly suggest PMs to start with until you know your correspondent.
    Regards and welcome aboard.

    Thanks didnt know
  18. DUGuy

    DUGuy Monkey+

    I never heard anything from the OP on here or via e-mail.
  19. Brokor

    Brokor Live Free or Cry Moderator Site Supporter+++ Founding Member

    Some people don't check in daily. He probably sold them all, but I cannot say for certain.
  20. DukeTestor

    DukeTestor Monkey+

    I'm interested in one of these bags, too. Do you get some more anytime soon.. and do you ship to europe :) ?
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