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WTS VZ58 Parts Kit

Discussion in 'Firearms and Related' started by franks71vw, Jan 11, 2011.

  1. franks71vw

    franks71vw Monkey+++


    Hey guys, I know I am more of a read and back seat passenger here and have learned a lot. I have two VZ58 Parts Kits One is a side folder other is a solid stock. I just opened up the packaging and what you see is what you get. Price is $120 delivered to you in lower 48. If you want to pay with paypal add total is $124.00. Please post an Ill take it to stamp your date and time since i have it posted in another forum. Thanks for looking...

  2. franks71vw

    franks71vw Monkey+++

    Solid stock is SOLD
  3. Don Vito

    Don Vito Monkey+

    Where are kits located and is price for both?

  4. franks71vw

    franks71vw Monkey+++

    I only have the one side folder left solid stock was sold. Its located in South FL
  5. Don Vito

    Don Vito Monkey+

    If last kit is still available ill take it via PayPal
    Let me know you PP info

    Thanks Don Vito
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