WTS/WTT FTF AZ 5x Carbines and 1X Rifle

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    WTS/WTT FTF AZ 3x Carbines and 1X Rifle

    I am selling some carbines that I built during the Obama craze. With the purchase of some newer items, like my SCAR ;), I really need to makes some room in the safe. I am willing to drop off carry handles for $75 less. I’m not in a hurry to sale. It’s nice to have spares or tertiary carbines anyways.

    Carbine #1:
    Not really a carbine at all. Anyways, it’s a Colt M16A2 barrel. 1-7” chrome lined. A2 flash hider. The F marked front sight base was installed by ADCO. The upper and lower are Mega. The handguards are Colt. The butt stock is a nice black Armalite. BCG is an unfired RRA- not even a brass mark. Not sure on the LPK… I think it’s a BM. Butt stock contains a Otis cleaning kit. $730

    Carbine #2:
    Bushmaster 1-7” chrome lined barrel (light cut under the handguards). A2 flash hider. CMT T-marked upper receiver. Mega lower receiver. Cav Arms handguards. VLTOR buttstock. TD grip. Bolt is a new unfired RRA. USGI side sling adapter. H-buffer. Not sure on the LPK … I think it may be BM as well. $740

    Carbine #3
    Colt 1-9” chrome lined HBAR. F marked front sight base. Superior Arms lower. Cardinal forge carry handle. Old school buttstock- non-ribbed. I think the upper is Superior Arms as well. DPMS LPK. H-bugger. USGI side sling adapter. RRA unfired BCG. $660

    Colt 1-9” chrome lined M4 profile. F marked front sight base. Mega upper and lowers. Cardinal forge carry handle. Stag mil-spec buttstock. H-buffer. RRA unfired bolt. I think a BM LPK. $745

    Carbine #5
    JT Distributing chrome lined HBAR 1-9”. A2 flash hider. Mega upper and lower. Cardinal forge carry handle. DPMS LPK. H-buffer. RRA unfired bolt. BCM mil-spec buttstock. $725

    Carbine #6
    This entire upper is a Bushmaster. The barrel is a 1-9” M4 profile (light under the handguards). Fixed carry handle. The lower is a Superior Arms with a DPMS LPK. The BCG is BM as well. The buttstock is a VLTOR EMOD. TD grip. H-buffer. $790
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