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    Hi all I have a set of four AK-47 mags I would like to trade. These are good like new mags. Im wanting to use 20 round mags in my ALICE gear setup. Im going to list the trade options Im looking at for these 30 round AK-47 mags. Please post and PM me.

    The Four 30 round AK-47 mags trade options-

    1-Six 20 round AK-47 mags. (These come out to same round count at 30s)

    2-Five 20 round AK-47 mags one 10 round G-19 mag.

    3-Four 20 Round AK-47 mags two 10 round G19 mags.

    4-Four 20 Round AK-47 mags one AR-15 30 round mag.

    5-Four 20 Round AK-47 mags one AK-47 Bayonet for WASR-10 Hi Cap.

    6-Four 20 Round AK-47 mags two Polish P-64 mags for a Polish Makarov.

    7-Five 20 Round AK-47 mags one Polish P-64 mag for a Polish Makarov.

    8-Six 20 Round AK-47 mags and six M16 Alice mag pouches.

    9-Four 20 Round AK-47 mags for ammo in these caliber 9mm, 9x18 Makarov, .223, 7.6x39, .38spl, 20ga #6.

    10-Four 20 Round AK-47 mags for two Sten mags.

    I will look at a combo of trades for the four AK-47 mags I have as long as you have the 20 round mags I need.


    Four 20 round mags, three M16 pouches, 10 Round G19 mag.

    Thats just an example of what im looking at a miss and match of items as long as you have at least four 20 round AK-47 mags.

    Thanks everyone for looking.
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