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    I was sitting in a my local bar one night. I looked back in the corner and it looked like Bush and Rumsfeld sitting there.

    I walked a little close and by golly it was them! "What are you two doing in a small town like this?", I asked.

    "Oh, we're planning world war 3!", Bush exclaimed. "But this time were gonna do it right. Were gonna kill millions and millions of evil-doers in Afganistan, Iraq, and everywhere else. And were also gonna kill one blonde with big breasts!"

    "My God!", I yelled, "why are you gonna kill a blonde with big breasts?"

    Bush then stood up and yells to Rumsfeld, "See, I told you they wouldnt care about the millions and millions of people!"
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    As long as it's Anna Nicole Smith no one will mind - good plan! :D
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    Very good plan! (o)(o)
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    [ROFL] ..... [nothome] ..... [peep]
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    [gun] :flash: [boozingbuddies]
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