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    I found this site which has a mine of historical publications relating to WWII. There are many US unit histories ranging from Battalion to Divisional level. The site also has an extensive collection of training and technical manuals for various weapons and weapon platforms of that era.

    Lone Sentry: World War II Photographs, Documents, and Research
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    No articles on Aussie mortarmen?
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    I basically posted the link to the site for my American friends.....there are probably some references to Australians, though tangentally, and subsumed under British or Commonwealth forces.
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    Thanks for the link, Ghrit. I am sure that the naval monkeys here will appreciate it also. Although my main interest in military history is land warfare, I am also interested in naval and air warfare also.

    Looking at the armament of a typical WWII liberty ship, I am surprised that commercial shipping transiting the Horn of Africa aren't provided with modular "bolted on" defensive armament and a small detachment of sailors / marines to man them for the duration of the transit as protection against pirates. In WWII such vessels were called DEMS, (Defensively Equipped (armed) Merchant Ships).

    Defensively Equipped Merchant Ships - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Project Liberty Ship
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