WWII vets storm closed memorial as GOP congressman reportedly distracts cops

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    The greatest generation storm another beach, take another town this time in the country they made the best ever..
    The park police had better not even think about arresting or harassing a group of 80+ year old WW 2 vets who flew in for a Memorial erected for their sacrifice..

    Despite shutdown, WWII vets knock over barrier to get to memorial | The Daily Caller
    WASHINGTON — A group of veterans didn’t let the federal government shutdown stop them from seeing the World War II Memorial on Tuesday.

    The government had closed the memorial due to the partial shutdown of the government, which went into effect Tuesday morning. But with the assistance of lawmakers, a group of Honor Flight World War II veterans knocked over the barriers to see the site.

    The Honor Flight program pays for veterans to travel to D.C. to the memorials.

    The veterans’ decision to ignore the closings quickly got the attention of Capitol Hill lawmakers.

    “I know that today we have Honor Flight veterans flying into Washington to come and enjoy the memorials here,” House majority leader Eric Cantor said at a press conference Tuesday. “I’m told that they are at the World War II memorial site, regardless of the barriers.”

    Cantor said those veterans — as “people who have served this country” — should “have the ability to enjoy that site.”

    The veterans appear to be from Iowa. Earlier on Tuesday, Fox 5 in DC reported that 150 World War II and Korean War veterans risking arrest at the memorial. One journalist at the site reported that Iowa Rep. Steve King, a Republican, played a role in helping the the veterans break into the memorial.

    Update: WFB staff writer Lachlan Markay arrived at the WWII Memorial, where a second group of Iowa vets (in yellow shirts) have also arrived at the memorial. Park police are letting all vets through, according to Shane.

    “We’re looking about how to deal with this in the future,” Park Police spokeswoman Carol Johnson said Tuesday.
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    I served as an escort on an honor flight a couple years ago. My father went on the trip and my brother and I came to escort him and a buddy of his on the flight. A grand experience I encourage you to consider.

    Have to say as much as I do not care for the TSA, the individuals of the TSA for our flights were great. Many of the vets were in wheel chairs plus those who could walk we also had chairs for them since it was going to be a very long day. We had about 60 46 vets, 60 46 escorts, a trip leader and nurse with crash bag. TSA set up a separate screening line for us. They had to do the regular drill but no one got crotch groped. They were very patient, gentle and kind getting us thru. The TSA at Indianapolis had an honor guard standing at attention and other agents in formation saluting as we passed entering the jetway to board. Every single agent thanked each vet with whom they interacted for their service to the country. They earned a good deal of future tolerance from me that day.

    A police escort meet the buses several miles out from the airport. The airport management, security and staff had the drop off reserved front and center for our buses. They kept everyone else clear and treated our charges as royalty. The airline had dedicated staff to hand us our individual boarding passes as we walked in and headed to TSA screening. It was very moving for most vets bringing a few tears to the eyes of some and we hadn't even left yet.

    The Honor Flight team in DC was also great with escorts in the airport, food delivery, delivery of cold water, etc. Smooth operation.

    With the possible exception of the Lincoln Memorial, there is no good reason for any of the memorials the Honor Flights visit to be closed as they are all outside and open, of course unless the White House and Park Police want to intentionally create pain. Seems that is what those a-holes desire for their selfish political gain.


    Edit update: A couple pics ref above comments.

    DSC_9642 edit.

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    DSC_9615 edit.
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    If I remember correctly, that memorial was built with NO TAXPAYER DOLLARS!!! It was paid for by donations. And Airtime is right on target with his last paragraph above.
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    Some of the Republican House Members had words with the local Park & Police Commanders.... They made sure these would Not be any issues.... I can imagine that conversation.... " F**k with the Vets, and we WILL Extract our revenge on your budget, PERIOD. Are you receiving us?"
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    Watched the news tonight and saw some of these guys getting interviewed, very moving. Damn right they deserve to be there... and if anyone had tried to stop them, there would have been a big fight!!
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    Hell's Angles honor guard for vets?;)
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    Was at a store in town, and 2 people I know were talking about the government shutdowns, and the one didn't know about the memorial being refused to vets, but they also thought that those in charge better frickin' let the vets go to THEIR memorial.
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    ww 2.
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