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    I just got this from the TSRA.

    ---A CALL TO ACTION---
    Since I know that you have extensive email networks, I'm taking the liberty of sending you a notice about NRA's new web site in the hope that you will send it ASAP to your lists and encourage your recipients to do the same with their files. Please use this or craft your own notice after you've viewed the site - - and many thanks for helping to spread the word!
    NRA has launched a new web site www.givethemback.com with shocking video coverage of gun confiscations involving law-abiding citizens in New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina - - footage that you'll never see on ABC, CBS, or NBC. This site gives gun owners a stark and brutal reminder of why we must defend our firearms freedoms with passion and vigilance in the U.S. Congress, in state legislatures, in the courts . . .AND ON ELECTION DAY.
    This site makes it clear why gun owners can never, ever, sit on the sidelines during an election. The footage that you'll see is a slap-in-the-face wake up call for every gun owner who thinks anti-gun politicians don't have the nerve or the will to confiscate our guns. And why they must be defeated before they ever get their hands on power.
    Please be sure to visit www.givethemback.com today and forward the link to your friends, family, and fellow gun owners. Remember what happened in New Orleans and let your voice be heard on Election day - - Vote for Freedom on November 7! With your help, we're going to make the first time in New Orleans the LAST time in America .
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    Thanks man i will send it on. watched all the videos, glad im where im at.
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    Watched them all and I am definitely not a happy camper. This is utter BS by that fraggin moron Nagin who wants to rebuild NO as a 'Chocolate City'. Too bad he didn't drown along with those that did. That bastige has overstepped his bounds and need to be put down like the mangy cur he is.

    This is a taste of what is to come if these anti-gun fruits have their way. They will continue to erode the constitution until there is no mention of arms in it. This needs to be stopped before it starts spreading further disease across the nation.

    I just wonder if you can get in trouble for stealing your stolen weapons back? Seems like a plan to me.

    Maybe those that remain will get Nagin out of office soon and then put someone in that will return the weapons before the idiots that confiscated them can have them melted down as they will do, or they will sell them to shore up their police departments budget for twinkies and coffee.

    The governor needs to get off her butt and do something about this while he can still be held accountable though I think she's just as liberal as Hillary. Fraggin parsed me off when she got elected. State going to go further into the crapper. Move all the decent people out of NO and nuke the garbage. That's my stance on it.
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    Thanks forwarding this on to others. :cool:

    Good reason to flee your home with your guns or stash most of them, ASAP in a SHTF situation. We are here to help disarm you for the safety of the community :rolleyes: :eek:
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