XRAIL: Add 16 Rounds to Your Combat Shotgun

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    For what it's worth I got this in an email from Guns America: SHOT Show Day 1 – S&W Custom Shop, Liberty Safe, Perazzi, XRAIL, Pedersoli Looks like it would be heavy, bulky on the front of your shotgun. Expensive...$649 - $699.

    Double Ott
    Add 8 or 16 Rounds to Your Combat Shotgun


    Last year at SHOT, right before the show was over, I came across the most interesting product I saw at the show. It was a can-like contraption that you screwed onto the end of your shotgun magazine tube to add capacity. At the time the product was just coming out of prototype and was not commercially available, so I let it pass.

    In the same exact booth space at SHOT this year I found the same product on Day 1, but this year it is commercially available, and the company that makes it, Roth Concept Innovations (RCI) has just opened up a new dealer program, expanding their sales into large gun shops across the US.

    The product is called the XRAIL, and the slogan… hold onto your seat… is, “Why Reload? Just Shoot.” Whew! That’s my kind of shotgun magazine!

    The XRAIL screws into the end of the magazine tube on any out of the box FNH, Benelli and Remington shotgun and adds 8 rounds in the compact can and 16 rounds in the long can to the standard capacity of the gun. No gunsmith is required, and the can is rugged aluminum with high tech polymer tubes and stainless steel mechanism parts inside. Mossberg and Winchester can also be adapted to the XRAIL, but the company hopes to sell them directly on new guns through arrangements with both companies in the coming year.

    If you live in a magazine capacity restricted state you can’t order the XRAIL, sorry, but otherwise this is a product you can order directly from the company and have delivered right to your door. The compact size carries a retail price of $649, and the 16 round version is $699. I hope to get a can from them for a review after the show, so hopefully we will update this story in the blog very soon. This could and should be a huge product this coming year and I can’t wait to give it a try.
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    I hate to be one to wizz on one's Wheaties, while being a cheaper system on almost every shotgun that the system is available on except maybe the Bennelli's, the system seems to me though looks simple enough could be a veritible pain in the arse.
    being that it is basically a multiple tube extension setup it could be cumbersome at bestplus for the full your talking on the bottom of a 26 inch barrel not a good thing in a cqb situation. Hey it would be great for duck or goose hunting cause you could really throw up some triple a fire that will take duck and geese up to a quarter mile up, in fact probably every single one in that group. I personally believe that shotguns are almost a foregone conclusion a nada situation in the proverbial shtf situation, unless one has dug in and just needs to put out lead or steel no matter the shape or form.................. To wit I suggest checking out http://.www.alliancearmament.com
    they do conversion of the siaga shotgun turning it into (if I may take some literary liscence), A lean mean commie killing machine. a 30 round drum mag. Yes the conversion is more expensive..........But so is anything you buy on the specialty market. the thing I like I could load differant types of shot for and all around gut busting gun 1 shot be a slug very next shot could be 00buck, next shot could be any other type shot available. To me that versatility, can be very bad for my opponent, whomever that may end up to be. the one thing I have yet to learn about the system from Alliance is if the magazines are changeable or is it a permenant part of the gun.
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