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    From what I read, Yellowstone is going to blow again, but only God knows when and it is hard to make a predictive model of an event that happens 600,000 or so years apart. One years food and supplies are of small comfort in an event that lasts for 5 years or if your shelter is buried under 6 feet of ash. It is kind of like the old Russian joke on WW III. If the alarms go off and you know for sure that the war is occurring, take off your clothes, wrap yourself in a sheet, and walk slowly to the cemetery. Do not run as we do not want to start a panic.

    If it does happen, chelloveck's descendants may be able to read our last comments as we read those of the witnesses of the flows in Roman times. That is probably about as close as you can get and be fairly sure of being safe. Probability low and unknown at this time as near as I can figure out, but if it does happen, the USA is about finished as a viable nation. The ash deposits would destroy much of the viable crop land, cut the country in half, drop the temperature, the fine ash would probably destroy most engines and most people, contaminate most surface water, and last for a long period of time and would be high enough in the air as to resist being washed out by the rain. As a survivable event it is right up there with the Rapture, about as easy to predict and about as easy to prepare for.
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    I think the bible states that the next end of the earth will be by fire. Maybe it starts here in the states. There's many things you can plan for, I'm not sure how much prepping you can do for an event that cataclysmic.
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    This is a good recent video on SuspeciousSky discussing what's going on at Yellowstone now.

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    Volcanoes are like women - better to let them blow off measured amount of steam on a periodic basis than let it build up to the big one.
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    Good plan because you ain't likely to outrun either one.
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    Well you sure as heck aren't going to bug out and live off the land once the nuclear winter hits.
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    I read it the magma chamber was shifting NE. IMO the scientists are doing best guess and if there was a real threat I wonder how much they would really tell us.
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    Well I'm 120 miles from ground zero. No illusions on my part. We can [campfire]and sing and [marshmallow]. Or... ohno

    Total fail....I forgot to click on the punchline! Excuse me while I cry.
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    Snyder is pretty close on the eruption aftereffects, but if Yellowstone pops it will not be an Extinction Level Event. Not even close, actually. Except for us.

    It will essentially destroy the United States, as a Nation, and probably kill 80% of the people in North America over the next two years. That'll probably be from the combined effects of volcanic blast , fire, ash-fall, dust inhalation, crop failures, loss of medical care and prescription drugs, rioting, looting, rape, murder, and widespread cannibalism.

    It will also temporarily derail the world economy, but that will rebound very quickly as enterprising people move to take advantage of new opportunities.

    Like invading and conquering Alaska, for example. And occupying North America for humanitarian reasons that primarily facilitate looting on a gigantic scale.

    Most of the world's population will be significantly impacted by the decade or so of nuclear winter, and food will be scare in many places for several years. People will die, but most of the rest of the world will say quite stubbornly alive.

    The Arabs will keep on pumping oil, and ships will keep on moving cargo, and trucks will keep on rolling with or without dust filters, as needed--everywhere else. Just not so much in the USA..

    The gross planetary industrial output will dip slightly, but not a lot since the United States doesn't have much industry left to contribute, anyway.

    A lot of people will be suddenly freed from their credit card debt, and buy cars that were not made in America.

    And everyone will live happily ever after until that 10-mile wide comet comes screaming in, the screen goes white, fades to black, and the credits roll up.
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    Much of the Snake River valley east of Boise was carved through the Rocky Mountains by the hot spot that is currently under Yellowstone. That includes the Craters of the Moon and many, many other lava flows and small volcanoes. Henry's Lake just before you get to the Montana border sits in the caldera of an ancient volcano also caused by the hot spot. By looking at the path of the hot spot you can see it has been moving in a general north east direction for a very, very long time.

    If this hot spot, which is really the makings of a super volcano, every truly surfaces it could be an extinction level event for much of North America, and pretty painful for other places. You might be better off to be close to the epicenter if it ever erupted in your lifetime.
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    Cataclysmic event?!?! I'd better get my AR finished and get more ammo!!! :D

    PS: LOL!!! Ive got a pretty severe case of pneumonia going on and Im sitting here watching an old Godzilla movie (I collect them :cautious:) and thinking about how the eruption of the Super Volcano is appropriate reading material. Sounds fine to me! :(
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    Sure will blow the global warming argument..

    I remember reading in a local newspaper how the geologist assigned to Yellowstone where perplexed as to why the water was getting deeper in the south end of Yellowstone lake.. Seemed the north side of the lake was rising. And then there was the increase in the number of quakes recorded under Yellowstone. They decided the magma chamber was refilling and there was a possibility of Yellowstone erupting again.

    This was all back in the late 90's and it still has not erupted. We are dealing with geologic time. It moves slow! Until it doesn't. And as with anything dealing with nature, the only thing we can do is study the possible threats and prepare ourselves and our loved ones to stay safe.

    Given what we know right now, what can any of us do to keep our loved ones out of harms way and survive natures calamity. We have verifiable warnings. Warnings that have been out for a lot longer than one would get for an impending hurricane, or, one for a tornado..
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    These days I don't think they could hide a looming predictable natural disaster. There are too many independent's out their tracking the same data in real time. If a CME was on the way we would know, if we were listening. Likewise a looming eruption, if anyone could really predict it. There were weeks of warnings about Mt. Saint Helen, but when it blew, everyone was still surprised. Warnings about Yellowstone occur every year. I am a long way from Yellowstone, but still, the ash fell on Southeast Texas during one of it's prior eruptions.
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    Lots of surface dwellers would die...

    But there's still an entire world beneath the surface.
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    Sitting in "Heavens Waiting Room" all I need concern myself with is the rise of the tide. Perhaps the builders of 'The Georgia Guide stones" took both elements into consideration?
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    Having witnessed Mt St.Helens blow it's top from 12 miles due south, I can tell you what an awesome experience it was, as well as how terrified we were, being so close! We learned so many lessons in how to deal with the after effects of that mountain blowing it's side out, and there are tone's of really good stories of things people did to get around! Thanks to much modern tech, we can really give our selves a good fighting chance if YellowStone does blow! IF you survive the initial blast, and are up wind, you will have the best chance of making it! I actually have a plan for this event should it happen in my life time! Know that there is hope if you set your self up for it!
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    Earthquake swarms are the norm for that part of the US.

    We may wind up seeing closer to Mexico's Popocatépetl volcano - rather than some world-ending eruption.

    Call me when some lava starts leaking out of the terrain....
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    Getting worried or upset about things you have NO Control over, is just a waste of time... and effort... If you have your Perps, and have thought thru your location, and situation, You have done your "Due Diligence" ... Relax... I like the line from " Bridge of Spy's" by the Russian... When asked if he was "Worried" about what was going to happen... His response " Would it do any good?" That is a CLASSIC, in my book....
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    Thank you for the comment BTPost. One of the hardest things in life is to enjoy it to the fullest and letting go of things that you can not change. Preps should be made to maximize your chances of survival and your comfort both now and after TSHTF. At 79, I am enjoying many of the things that I started 20 years ago and am using skills I learned 70 years ago, you have to prep for all kinds of events, while they may not be SHTF to the rest of the world, they may well be to you. I learned the hard way that if I ever build another house, it is going to have a captain's walk and a railing and the chimney is going to be accessible from it. I no longer feel comfortable on a 25 ft ladder cleaning the chimney, balance isn't that reliable, and it is a pain to get someone else to do it. If Yellowstone does blow, for most of us the best we can hope for is being able to make one last prayer, Thank you Lord, it has been a good life. Setting your priorities should be your first goal in prepping, I am getting old and feeble and things in my life have to change, I got a smaller chainsaw, the old Husky just got too heavy, I think being able to handle ageing now as it is happening is a more important goal than rushing into planning for a Yellowstone major event that may happen. I found that a major change in your life occurs when you watch your friends, loved ones, and strangers die and are forced to admit to yourself that we are all mortal and no amount of prepping, praying, money, or power, is going to extend your life in this place for ever. Once you do reach that conclusion, a lot of your attitudes, preps, goals,priorities change. I like the old comment that is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness, and think it is more important to enjoy the present than live in total fear of the future. YMMV

    My dog has his priorities straight, he put his feet up on my lap, told me to stop typing, feed him breakfast, and go for a walk and enjoy the sunrise. I submit to his greater wisdom and end this comment.
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