Yellowstone elk herd now down 80% since initial re-introduction of the wolf

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    Yellowstone elk herd now down 80% since initial re-introduction of the wolf

    Elk Tracks: Yellowstone Elk Population Falls, Concern Grows

    In a different article on the same subject it was stated;

    "FWP counted only 11 calves per 100 cows last year, said Karen Loveless, an FWP biologist based in Livingston."

    "To maintain the elk population, she said, calf recruitment would have to double to about 20 percent. To increase the herd, the recruitment rate would have to rise to 30 percent. The northern herd has been below that 30 percent rate for more than a decade, she added."

    Northern park elk population still dropping

    I hope everyone remembers this the next time the US Fish and Wildlife Service comes up with some stupid plan to reintroduce predators. The ranchers and hunters predicted this was going to happen but the public is too caught up in romantic notions of charismatic megafauna.

    Polar bears are going to be the nex big push. Mark my words.

    The only reintroduction I would be in favor of is grizzly bears to California. Let's give the good (environmentalist) citizens of the golden state back the predator they extirpated almost two centuries ago. Hey it's even on their state flag (bear flag republic). I bet when a few hikers get eaten, they might have second thoughts about predator reintroduction.

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    I remember when the reintroduced the wolf back in Montana. The ranchers would shoot them and hang the carcass on the fence along the hightway in protest.. A lot of cows and sheep were getting killed and hurting the ranchers livelihood!!
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    Here in No. Idaho, the herds are also declining in the same manner:( . But we CAN kill a wolf here without fear of ANY state prosecution, Idaho Fish and Game will not arrest you for shooting a wolf or aid in the federal prosecution of shooting a wolf. By order of the Governor, Butch Otter.[winkthumb]
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    Was in Yellowstone before the approved release time per the media. My opinon and experience plus a photo on an old style Pentax film camera suppports the fact that Wolves were in Yellowstone years before that advertised by the OFFAL folks. So much for Governement truth in advertising!
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