Yellowstone verticle magma plume imaged

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    And the magma chamber itself is 20% larger than expected.[booze][booze][own2]

    Newswise — The most detailed seismic images yet published of the plumbing that feeds the Yellowstone supervolcano shows a plume of hot and molten rock rising at an angle from the northwest at a depth of at least 410 miles, contradicting claims that there is no deep plume, only shallow hot rock moving like slowly boiling soup.

    A related University of Utah study used gravity measurements to indicate the banana-shaped magma chamber of hot and molten rock a few miles beneath Yellowstone is 20 percent larger than previously believed, so a future cataclysmic eruption could be even larger than thought.;xy=10002094
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    Re: yellowstoneverticle magma plume imaged

    Fairly old news. Nat'l Geo had a large article on it last year. If that puppy wakes up, we is toast.
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    Yep, saw a map on another site - some 650,000 years ago it popped it's top. The major ash fall went as far as past Texas........
    It'll make Krakatau and Mt. Pinatubo look like mere belches........

    And it is some 50,000 years OVERDUE..........
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    shokedsomebody needs to build one huge righteous supressor and pay the tax stamp.b::[looksharp]
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    I watched a show on that this weekend. Interesting stuff. :)
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    Be a great source for power - tap into that hot gas and run a steam turbine. Run it on remote in case it pops it's cork!
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