Yep, It's a police state that's a comin'

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by VisuTrac, Jul 13, 2011.

  1. VisuTrac

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    all your logs belong to us

    Thank God for free Wireless internet at McDonalds, Coffee Houses, Hotels, and the library.
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  2. ghrit

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    But it's for the "protection" of the children, isn't it? Never mind the treading on rights.

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  3. CATO

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    I wonder how this is going to affect VPN re-sellers? If they are forced to keep tabs on you, what's the point? No one is going to buy their services.
  4. dragonfly

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    Then there's all those NEW cameras the goobers have placed all over Prescott and Prescott Valley in Arizona!
    Revenue only?
  5. beast

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    makes ya wanna break out the tin cans and string dont it
  6. Seawolf1090

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    The 'pro-bama' ads on that site disturb me...... dare I trust anything they print?

  7. Witch Doctor 01

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    Of course you must they have a direct line to the presidents office you know you can trust them....

    Please note YMWV ... poster is not in anyway affiliated with this website,
    the opinions of this poster may not reflect the opinions of all survial monkeys.... various other disclaimers ad naseum....ETC
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  8. VisuTrac

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    All ur logs are belong to us pretty soon.

    Well the Republican House panel approves broadened ISP snooping bill. I'm surprised my democratic representative voiced his displeasure.

    Anyway, This is not about child porn, it's about knowing what every american is doing.

    House panel approves broadened ISP snooping bill | Privacy Inc. - CNET News

    Bill Summary & Status - 112th Congress (2011 - 2012) - H.R.1981 - THOMAS (Library of Congress)

    What You Need to Know About the Internet Snooping Bill (and How You Can Protect Yourself)

    That being said, Here is how you combat those damn monitors.

    You could become your own ISP. But, that means you will be buying bandwidth from someone (as it's too expen$ive to run your own fiber) and they may be required to audit all of the IP Addresses that they host (your isp). So it's kind of iffy.

    Use McDonalds or a local coffee shops free WiFi.
    Your local library may also provide WiFi.
    Your County or City may offer free city wide WiFi (as long as you don't have to create an account, surf away)

    Use a free web based Anonymizer like:
    Hide My Ass! Free Proxy and Privacy Tools - Surf The Web Anonymously
    I like these because of their privacy policies.

    or if you want you can run a TOR proxy in your house and bounce through multiple proxies to get to your final destination, It's freaking sweet.
    read more about it here.

    Get the software for The Onion Routing (Tor) Project here.

    Piss on you government spies.

    Even better is to set up a TOR proxy in your house, and get a program like knoppix that runs off of your CD Rom, doesn't install or record anything on your hard drive (unless you run the hard drive installation i'd advise against that) it runs entirely on installed memory. you shut down the computer, what you have been doing is gone (well i guess if they wanted to try and query the memory they could but you could just reboot and wipe the memory ;))

    There are other operating systems that run off cd-rom but i've not tried them all but here is a short interesting list if you want to play.

    Flash Linux

    or for a big freaking list of things to play with / research check this

    Μολὼν λαβέ
  9. Opinionated

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    Excellent suggestions.

    But lets not forget about MAC addresses. EVERY eithernet devise of any style or flavor has one . . at least one . .

    If "they" have your MAC your point of embarkation doesn't really matter. If they have their noses in the backbone . . or even close to it sniffing packets, they will find you PDQ.

    I know . . . I know, at this point I should launch into some "how to spoof MAC's". But the truth of the matter is that sometimes you can, sometimes you can't do that. Completely depends on the devise, and the literacy level of the operator.

  10. BTPost

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    Just a NOTE, Here: MAC Addresses are NOT propagated past the first Router, in the IP Protocol. So, if you have your own Router, or a Modem/Router that connects you to your ISP, then your MAC Address stays on the LAN side of that router and isn't know any farther out on the WAN side. .....
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  11. Brokor

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    This can't hurt either: PeerBlock

    The Tor browser was already mentioned.
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  12. VisuTrac

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    Ergo the reason for using the Onion Router project ;)

    but since it was mentioned, yep the MAC address is 'suppose' to be unique but given the great number of devices on that use the MAC scheme there could be duplicates (currently there can be like 280+ trillion)

    to ensure a greater number of duplicates you could change your MAC address using a tool like SMAC for windowz or play around in the windows registry (not for the timid)

    For linux you could use Change your MAC address in Linux with MACchanger-GTK

    by changing your MAC address it increases the chance that there is 'someone else out there' that has the same address thus lessening your detection by pretending to 'be' someone else like say 'Nancy Pelosi' let them chase her for looking up where to purchase maraging steel with out a license :evil:
  13. Alpha Dog

    Alpha Dog survival of the breed

    Just one more step closer to the shiny boots marching the streets and all Americans having a chip implanted in the back of their hand to control the goverment food and gas alotments. With Big Brothers super computer watching every move you make.
  14. -06

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    Had to caution a friend just yesterday to not say some things. No need to attract attention that could cause future problems with a gub gone beserk.
  15. Tikka

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    IMO, the "need" for civil order will begin in the cities. Perhaps, the government defaults and the welfare checks aren't mailed?
    IMO, there would be anarchy in the streets; so what is the right thing to do?
  16. tacmotusn

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    Hopefully you live in a mainly rural community like I do. Our county fire department is mostly volunteer. 2 of the 6 stations have monthly fund raiser pancake breakfasts. 1 the 1st saturday every month, the other on the 3rd saturday. I often attend these and eat breakfast and talk with the sheriff or one or more of our county commisioners. I want the sheriff to know me, and where I am coming from. Post shtf he will be someone who will have much control over what does or does not happen in the county when the nearby cities turn into battle zones. My tribe will band together tightly and let the sheriff know we will be willing to help within limits in our remote area in the NE corner of the county. I think he will be happy for the help, and reduced need to worry about that area much. jmho
  17. Tikka

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    The local volunteer FD can't get their pumper truck in here; the next "town" has a pumper with enough hose. So, maybe a little past rural?
    ;) ;)
    It is pretty laid back living with a road from "hell" as the access.

    Where I live was off the sheriff's grid until about 4 years ago when my ex-neighbor was busted for domestic violence. According to the Deputy it took them 45 minutes to find the location.
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  18. BTPost

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    Bet it is a nice quiet Radio Location as well.... I know mine is, after all the summer folks LEAVE.... 45 days and counting....
  19. Tikka

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    I have a Carolina Windom up now and will be adding a ground mount HF6V soon. After I get a few trees dropped I'll put up the tower and Quad. Judging by what the Windom hears; the Quad will work quite well.

    There's a good bit of lightning here; so I want to get more antennas draining the precipitation static to an RF ground.
  20. Seawolf1090

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    "Police States" eventually fall, when The People have finally had enough. The major flaw of the Police State is, they have all these fixed locations. Personell can be located, at home and at work. Infrastructure is always open to attack. Sever the logistics lifeline, they will soon fold.
    Basic partisan tactics, performed throughout history. Our time will come too...... [stirpot]
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