Yep, It's a police state that's a comin'

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by VisuTrac, Jul 13, 2011.

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    In 1986 Ronald Reagan called them the nine most terrifying words in the English language. ( " I'm from the goverment and I'm here to help" )
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    North Korea? It seems that they are standing despite the usual rule of thumb about the people overthrowing any kind of government that cannot keep them fed.
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    Those poor folks are so controlled and have NO link to the outside - they believe everything that "Dear Leader" tells them. We know better. And, We The People are still armed. If THAT condition ever changes, we are lost......
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    A police state appears to last a long time especially when they are totally brutal.
  6. IceNiner

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    I agree with that. I don't know how the rest of the country is doing new gun-ownership-wise, but most of the younger coming-of-age punks they raise here in the Sea-Tac area see guns as something the gubbermint SHOULD take from people. One told me in an online chat that if I was willing to shoot someone simply for breaking into my house to steal my stuff, it is that I am the problem, not the Robber!

    The other, smaller percentage of young punks here see them as argument,relationship and party stoppers, usually in a bar or a concert or bus stop.

    I would not be shocked at all if the younger generation soon gets some sort of fad social network-based program going with the participants piously giving up their Second Amendment rights, willing to sign legal documents permanently doing so. Lady Ga Ga and Britney Spears can do PSAs to get the campaign launched on MTV and call it "Cool to be safe." [beer]

    I will never be 'cool'. :rolleyes:
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    Never fear IceNiner. There are plenty o' gun owners in Snohomish and over in Bremerton. Wait for Hunting season to start (deer or elk). There are a lot of them out there. At a family gathering, we discussed guns. Yep, there's a lot and many are family hand me downs and brand new elephant guns used to take down elk across a valley floor (as opposed to our 100 yard thin skinned white tails in michigan) and everything in between.

    Maybe is just the urbans that are idiots. Moving out into the timber and clouds , my relations love them boom sticks. [beer]
  8. Seawolf1090

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    I am sure the sheep being led to the shearers and then the slaughterhouse believe they are 'safe' too........ :rolleyes:

    I have nothing against others willingly giving up their rights, but when they try to take mine, they have crossed 'the line'.
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