Yes, it is just another religion.

Discussion in 'Faith and Religion' started by VisuTrac, Nov 23, 2014.

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    That was interesting. Spoken seemingly from an anarchist POV, still it points out some of the absurdities and excesses we've been conditioned to accept.
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    no, no it is not.
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    Hum mm, a complete lack of understanding the democratic process.

    Anytime you have a group of people living together you have rules on how to act together by mutual agreement and arrive at a unified course of action, or you can belong to a gang or government ruled by a person or group of people. A democracy is when you vote for who you want to have authority and what those rules are. Without any government you have rule by force. Our country is founded on an agreement to limit the power of government. That is because the nature of men and government is to increase power. We are at a point in history where a political system has developed to have the appearance of democracy, but is so large and has stolen so much power that we are not sure what it is. But we do know by reading the Bible where it is headed. No it is not a religion yet here, but it had been and is, in some places, and it will be.
    To the liberals, it is a religion but not for the same reasons you stated yet. Communism denies real religion and the state takes the place of religion. That is where we are headed. But there is a real God and a real religion. What you speak of is a false religion. There will be a God given government, but first there will be a government that claims to be a religion and seeks to control all or destroy all much like the Nazi's or North Korea, ruled by AntiChrist who will claim to be God.
    This is pretty well covered in the Bible. But we don't all recognize what the pieces of the puzzle mean but we eventually will.
    Then there is living in isolation, but most people are not wired that way and it is pretty hard to escape totally.
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    D2wing, agreed and pretty well said. I think statism is dangerous but do not see it as a religion. Communism always seems to end up as statism.
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    Then there is the one world government where no person, nor state is sovereign. No one has rights and everyone works for the common good, like communism, like North Korea. It's coming. The Beatles song was about that, only they were clueless like all liberals how it is going to end.
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    It can't be said that conservatives know how it is going to end either....

    I kind of like the following fits nicely with both progressive and conservative end time mindsets....

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    Religions are all man-made constructs. What makes yours "real"? The fact that you believe in it?
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    Well Pax, you may think that, but God the creator sent his son that we may know what he is like, and know him personally by power of the Holy Spirit. I cannot speak for other religions.
    It is appointed onto man that he should die one and after that is judgement.
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    Well this does confirm what the Bible says about the end time. The Bible tells what will happen. Some of it is happening now. Especially concerning Israel and the headlong rush to immorality and corruption.
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    Also the destruction of American freedoms, and the Constitution has happened so quickly that many do not realize it is succeeded. Obama has almost succeeded in destroying America for his employer, Soros.
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