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    Wow, just wow. Thanks to East Texas Pistol and Rifle Range, and especially to John Titsworth of Silencer Research, the shoot was a treasure trove of information. John allowed all in attendance to use his firearms, silencers and ammo free without charge. It was my first time to shoot a supressor and full auto. Thanks to John I got to shoot both at the same time in a supressed MP-5. I don't know that I have ever had as much fun with my pants on. I also shot numerous supressors with a Sig-Sauer Mosqito .22 as host. I found it a lot more comfortable to shoot than the Walther P-22 that I had been looking at. In addition, I found the HTG Universal (which can also be used on a .223),the SWR Warlock, and the Tactical Innovations Tac-65 the quietest of all of the .22 cans that I shot. I would have to give a slight nod to the HTG as the quietest that I shot. John tested many, many firearms. Shooters showed up from all over the nation, I visited with a Class 3 manufacturer from Cincinnati that flew in, and Gem-Tec was also testing out models. I counted 22 silencers that John brought with him, and I am sure that I missed a few. John allowed us to play with his Beretta, Glock, ARs, MP-5, UMP and others. There were also numerous individuals that showed up with their personally owned silencers to have John test them. I was throughly impressed with the range, the manufacturers, and the products. Again, thanks again to Mr. John Titsworth of Silencer Research who made it all possible.
    These pics were taken with my camera, but I have a friend that is going to be e-mailing me pics that he took. I will post them as I get them. All in all it was a very fun and informative day.


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    Supressed full auto has about the biggest grin factor there is, for sure!
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    Right on, I'm jealous. A suppressed Mosquito is on my wish list before the elections or by years end [beer]

    Waiting for more pics
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