yes virginia, now is the time to panic...

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    Tango3 Aimless wanderer The Best Farmland in the U.S. Is Flooded; Most Americans Are Too :tupid to Panic June 19th, 2008 Sorry: (highlighting cut/pasting seems to toss all the formating and all I get is a solid block of nearly unreadable text)
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    No problems Tango, all of the Countries that the US has been aiding and helping over the last hundred or so years will come rushing to help you in your moment of need.

    I don't know enough about top soil fertility and structure and how that will change after being contaminated or carried off by surging flood waters, so I won't attempt to BS you about it. What the long term damage will be to the ground or the farmers whose family's have farmed that same ground for generations will be, I don't know.

    I just hope for your sakes that the self centred administration takes some time out from playing world leader to sort the problem out, like they didn't do after Katrina.

    0,02cts worth

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    Thanks man, got any "chips"??
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    Well, it wont help prices and such this year and isnt good news but flooding actualy tends to do good things to the soil generaly. Thats actualy why the richest soil in the world is in river basins that flood from time to time.
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    Just gotta have enough in the "pantry"/garden to hold out for better harvests.
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    hwere's thearticle.. fewer puterproblemstonight:
    The Best Farmland in the U.S. Is Flooded; Most Americans Are Too Stupid to Panic

    <small>June 19th, 2008 <!-- by Kevin --></small> The best commentary I could offer is a link to a previous story:
    World’s Largest Maker of Crop Nutrients: Famines May Occur Without Record Harvests
    But I’ll ramble on a bit more about this, anyway.
    As soon as I became aware of the flooding situation in the American Midwest, I posted the story with the EMERGENCY prefix on the title. Just so we’re clear, when I write EMERGENCY at the beginning of a post title, this is my way of indicating that the situation is as serious as it gets. It means that I feel as though everyone reading should consider taking immediate evasive action. All the jawboning about conspiracy, how things could have been, how things should be, etc. are behind us now. You know, EMERGENCY, act fast, eyes wide, nostrils flared, etc.
    While the food supply situation has skated along a knife edge so far this year, with higher prices and many countries experiencing food riots, widespread famine did not take hold. In an incredible move, the Japanese quietly eased rice shortages by releasing portions of their imported rice stockpiles—from giant warehouses in Tokyo—into the system; a welcome but one off blip in the big picture. What happens next time?
    Now, this growing season, when yields need to be at record levels to avert disaster, what do we find? Floods or droughts in several of the breadbaskets of the world.
    Whatever your plans are, I hope that you’re ready to execute them (or, better yet, are executing them). I’m pretty sure that most people have done nothing, and I don’t know why this continues to amaze me.
    How can so many people, even those who should know better, be content to hit the wall without doing anything at all to change course? This includes my own family, who lives in Southern California.
    I view Southern California as one of the most dangerous death traps in the world. Since it’s such an important focus of economic activity, though, I like to keep tabs on herd activity there, just for my own situational awareness. I can’t get a meaningful response from my dad—who thinks that traffic jams everywhere in the region and at all times of the day and night represent ‘progress’—I emailed someone there who’s about to flee to a country in Northern Europe. I asked if there was even a subtle sense of panic setting in with regard to the food and fuel prices. Here is part of the response I received:
    I have noticed that most people don’t even have instinct enough to panic and hoard, and they wouldn’t know *what* to hoard. They don’t cook, they don’t know what a ’staple’ means. A young woman in my training last week brought animal crackers and cheese ruffles for breakfast, and a box of Cheezits and Coke Zero for lunch. I asked her mockingly if she’d tried fruit or vegetables, she said she couldn’t afford them. I once saw a woman behind me at Ralphs with food stamps, and she was buying cottage cheese, dry pinto beans, and wheat bread, and told her kid to put the Doritos back. If you don’t have that kind of sense to begin with, the current situation is not going to give it to you.
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    MM is right, this is bu a blip in NA. Tango I respect your total insanity and well its helpful to have someone pushing the panic button every 5 minutes, as long as people dont begin to write them off. Its kinda like having a O/P where everyone is on shrooms. You might be running to the gates every five minutes, but eventually they'll be right (I guess the broken clock analogy works too, but mines funnier). The total loss that we will take will be around the 20% mark. While this is a HUGE hit to us, it will not cripple us.
    Within the next 5 years we will have a beautiful bumper crop that will jam pack our warehouses and set us back on track. While I am worried, economics, meterology, and agricultural sciences all state that these are all natural cycles that tend to pan out in after about 2 to 5 years. Up north here we had a dustbowl that ran from Western Ontario to eastern BC in the 20's〈=E&series_id=1&episode_id=13&chapter_id=1&page_id=2
    These things jsut happen. Global Warming, cooling or staying the same. Carbon emitions, animal extinctions, world destruction.
    We are truly aragont creatures if we believe we can destroy the earth. Or even end all life on it.
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    [cmfrt]M'k...Got this "meerkat" thing goin on don't want to miss the end of the world.You guys will tap me on the shoulder if I miss it hmmm? I just post stuff I find in case any body else wants to add it to their take on things(consider it a public service...)[beer]
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    Hey hey, now Tango, I meant no harm no foul in my statement. I truly do welcome and cheer you on in your fact findings. They are extremly interesting and useful too.
    Dont take me so seriously!
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    :) S'all good....
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    Whew! I thought you were going to tell me there was no Santa.
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    very good.( 2points)..:)
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