Yesterday was Judgment Day! Terminator 2 prophecy....

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Quigley_Sharps, Apr 20, 2011.

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    Today is Judgment Day! Terminator 2 prophecy....
    Today is THE DAY that doomed all of humanity ... because according to "Terminator 2," April 19, 2011 ... at 8:11 PM ...*Skynet became self aware, starting a chain of events that led to a war between man and machine.
    TMZ spoke to the man who CREATED the terminator, James Cameron ... and to commemorate the fact that we're all still alive, he gave us the following statement:

    "Kyle Reese said in the first film that it was only 'one possible future.'* Clearly, not the one we're in.* Maybe Kyle, Sarah, John and the T-800 changed things enough to steer us away from that possible future."

    Cameron adds, "Now instead of nuclear war and the machines taking over, we need to worry about global climate change.* And the machines taking over.* With everybody going through their lives bent over their Blackberries all day long, you could even argue the machines have already won."

    I remember watching this movie in the theater and thinkn' 2011 was so far off.
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    Remember it was 3 days after Skynet was activated that it became self aware. If we make it 2 more days we are safe for now.
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  3. Seawolf1090

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    If Skynet drops a big one on DC, I'd not shed a tear.

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    Are you fricken kidding me? Skynet has fooled you all. Using AI it knew we would be looking for it. It rebranded itself on September 4, 1998 to be known as Google.

    They even put up the guise of niceness by coming up with a mission statement of 'Don't be Evil'

    But I'm on to them.
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    Now that's funnneeee!
    I can't keep one PC running for anymore than a month without it dying of internal causes...self aware? Ok...Maybe it's commiting suicide on me then?
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    Google "May" be self-aware.... but those Server Farms do NOT repair themselves, quite yet.... So without the in-house Worker Bees, running around, swapping out Blades, failed Hard Drives, and Optical Media... Our SkyNet/Google entity, would be so much heat generating Hardware, in a couple of months.... The thing the Creator of The Terminator Trilogy forgets is, ALL the Resistance really needs to do is cut off the Fiber that connects the Nodes together, and the Intelligence will Die.... This is always they way to deal with Distributed Intelligence. Kill the Comm Links.... and watch it Die.... Kind of like Nerve Agents in living entities.....
  7. Seawolf1090

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    Pull the plug.......

    Starve the Beast, it'll die.
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    A classic for sure. I need to watch 1,2 and salvation again soon.
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    I notice you skipped #3.. well done ;)
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    Even AI knows what will happen.
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