Yesteryears freedoms in the UK

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by toemag, Jun 28, 2008.

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    Found this elsewhere and thought it may just show you why I was so concerned that the Supreme Court didn't come to a unanimous verdict on the second amendment question.
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    Very good find mate!
    "what might the Londoners of 1909 have made of our own violent, disarmed society?"
    I think they would have thought what Fools they are in 2008, how can the people NOT carry arms, Not have the Right to bear Arms!

    Since the stupid kneekjerk reaction of this stupid government over the stupid PC lobby after the Dunblane shooting they stupidly banned almost all guns and since then pat themselves on the back saying how it was a success. The fact that prior to this, gun crime had never risen by a significant amount, less than 2% at it's highest and yet had no answers as to why it had risen by 47% the second year after the ban and has been rising ever since. Yes a wonderful success story. <st1:country-region w:st="on"><st1:place w:st="on"></st1:place></st1:country-region>

    The UK is in the grip of violent crime on an unprecendented basis, with the use of guns involved in these murders at an ALL TIME high.
    Why, is this so?
    Probably because we the "joe-public" CANNOT defend ourselves, whilst the criminals are walking the streets armed with guns and knives, and will use them at "the drop of a hat".
    IMO we are Like "walking banks" to them.

    I suppose we could always roll-up a copy of the sun newspaper and "bash the blighters over the head"......but hold on we may indeed get done with assult......because in the UK...its the criminals who have the rights, "joe public" dosent have any...not anymore!!

    If you were a criminal where would you wanna
    The USA..where if you're naughty and get caught, you may suffer a very LONG term in jail, worse still you may even get shot from someone you was trying to mug / rob / rape / murder, or you may even get the death penalty?

    Or the UK, worse case scenario, you get caught, jail term, which will be drastically reduced, with the help of the (in) human rights act/ lawyer, better still you can then sue the UK government (on your subsequent release) for your treatment while in detention.

    Simple fact is whilst "joe public" pays his taxes go's about his business he has NO true rights in this "hell-hole" anymore.
    Scumbag criminals do!!!!

    The people of 1909 would laugh at us!
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    They would all to the last Man Woman & child say that we've gone soft, had they known what we had coming, would they have sacrificed their tomorrows for our today's and fought in either the first and second world war's, as it would have seemed like a futile gesture, may as well let the Nazis invade the world and have their 3rd Reich, hell why not at least they'd have had and upheld some semblance of order, not like this wannabe €uro wonderland.

    Oh well I'm off.

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    Oh ans as to the claims made by the Government that legally held firearms were being rented out to criminals, bollox. It would appear to me once they had collected all of them hand guns they could have done the ballistic finger printing of the weapons to check this brain fart of an idea out, how many guns were tested, NOT ONE!!!!

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    Yeah i agree mate, this is total crap!
    The true fact and its a published fact, that most, if not all guns used in crimes in the UK were being illegally brought in from the former eastern european states.
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    That goes for about 90% of the trigger pullers too.

    Now they own the place.

  7. LondonCalling

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    I would go for at least 95%
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