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    better clean and lube the trigger and bolt group regularly: disconnector problem or a slam fire could put you in a courtroom.:shock:Got belt loops?God forbid you get caught bump firing...Or if your grandads old double 12 ocassionally fires both barrelson oneytrigger pull due to age and recoil (Its a "machinegun" no bs! read the article!)

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    A drill instructor in the National Guard has been convicted in a Wisconsin federal court of illegally transferring a machine gun after a rifle he loaned to a student malfunctioned, setting off three shots before jamming.
    The verdict of guilty on one count in the case against David Olofson was confirmed yesterday by the clerk's office in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Wisconsin.
    That means now that anyone whose weapon malfunctions is subject to charges of having or handling a banned gun, according to an expert witness who reports that the particular problem is a well-known malfunction and was even the subject of a recall from the manufacturer.[​IMG]

    Is it time to get all "unintended" on their asses yet?
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    We're almost there Tango, we're almost there.
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    We are there[peep]. The [sheep] just can’t see it yet.
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