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    Does anyone have any unique ideas about ways to use yo yo traps? What kind of different trap sets work the best for you? Also was wondering if anybody has tried gill nets, throw nets, or other fish trapping apparatus's out there on the market. This is a quick video of how to utilize yo yo traps in your bug out kit!

    YouTube - Yo Yo Trap- Survival Fishing
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    We used to just tie them to a sturdy limb overhanging the body of water. Or string them across the creeks in Louisiana. Check for state to state regulations, it is illegal to use them in Texas. Legality kind of goes out the window in a SHTF situation though. Great for fishing while you are sleeping or hiding out. Cabela's has them in approved states.
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    I've used them to trap birds....just make sure they are secured to something that won't be easily moved...
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    On the Tennessee River, Trammel fishing is popular in areas. A trammel net is about four feet deep and several hundred feet long with floats on top. At night, fishermen will use paddles to quietly cordon a bank indentation, then use a short piece of pipe attached to a pole with a whip line to pop the water (it is quite loud) several times to frighten the fish from around the shore, into the net. You can see the floats pulled down as fish hit the net. Large catfish, drum, buffalo, and carp are mostly caught this way.
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