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    I hope this has not been thoroughly covered before.
    Here goes, Ashtanga Yoga is an ancient system of physical movements which follow a gentle yet effective seies of warm up stretches.
    This system worked and still works through out India. In ancient times and even now, in small villages, there may be no medical doctors or facilities.
    Only the practice of Yoga can be applied as a remedy for some common problems.
    The spine is a key component to good health, so when your musculature has been opened thru stretching, all the blood flows the the vessels , unimpeded by tight knots in the muscle fibers.
    The mind is also relaxed and trained to concentrate, on ones own breath in the beginning.
    The last and highst limb on the 8 limbed system, hence the word ,ashtanga,
    this limb actually begins at the sixth limb as concentration, followed by meditation, and finally, Samadhi.
    Yoga is non- religious and universal in its beliefs. There is no one religion connected soley with Yoga.
    Here are some of the benefits and reasons to consider learning and practicing Yoga:
    Body is relaxed, and muscles not injured as easiliy.
    You heal faster.
    Your senses are clear and tuned to nature.
    Your posture improves, making walking and running much easier and more healthful.
    You naturally eat less food.
    You tend to lose weight.
    You tend to need less sleep
    You have more energy for survival activities
    Overall better attitude on survival
    These are just a few, please add any you feel will be helpful.
    The most important aspect of learning Yoga, is finding a qualified instructor. That teacher needs to have direct experience with the body and mind work, combined with the inner higher qualities and gifts.
    Beginners should move slowly, with much self observation. Eliminating all harsh sudden movements, and replacing them with soothing , stretching, peaceful feelings thru out your body.
    Ones body becomes cleaner and healthier.
    All of us have different culinary needs, according to our health needs, religious needs, and simply appeasing hunger.
    Life may be very different, food may be scarce, so our supplys may dwindle.
    Realising the benefits of limiting the amount of food to be taken at one time, will bring about a higher awareness of being. It is in this space, that we truly can become one with nature.
    I am certain many of you know exactly what I am referring to. It is said, that two hands held open, palms up, filled with food , not piled high, is a portion of food for our size.
    Small meals 3 -4 times a day is better than one or two big meals. Once you think you are full, wait 5 minutes, and if still feel full, stop eating.
    Remember to drink 6-8 glasses of water a day.
    Caffeine and alcohol dehydrate us, so limit these two.
    In enters alfalfa, mung bean, lentils,.....
    These all are eligible for the sprouting process.
    Two great benefits are :
    1/ more vitamins and minerals in young sprouts that anywhere else in the plant.
    2/ takes only a day to start to sprout, and the next 2-3 days for completion. These foods can be cooked and eaten as soups or with rice, or simply eaten raw when sprouted, dual purpose.
    Good luck to all who wish to climb this tree, one limb at a time!
    Peace and Namaste
    Brothers and Sisters
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    That is a wonderful post. Thumbs up.
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    Much agree.
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    Thanks for your positive replies
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    The Mrs does that yogi stuff. I just work outside;)

    All kidding aside, a very informative post.
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    Hi Tully, I see you're a welding monkey!
    Fellow weldor here, stick only for now, slowly working my way towards Tig
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    Just takes practice to get your rhythm down.
    Welcome to the Monkey:)
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    Another fabricator, excellent.
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