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    Tragically, yesterday, a Harris County, TX deputy was assassinated at a gas station, while fueling his patrol car. While there are a lot of people who think I am vehemently “anti-cop/anti-LEO,” that’s not true. I have a large number of friends and family who are, or have been, police officers. I considered being a police officer, when I left the military, before recognizing that I genuinely don’t have the temperament to do that work, in the manner that I believe it should be done. This is NOT a bash on police officers. I will repeat. THIS IS NOT A BASH ON POLICE OFFICERS.

    This is a bash on the media control of your brainwashing, and the documentation to illustrate the truth of its occurrence.

    It’s been a “bad year” for cops in the US, right? Lots of them getting assassinated, right? Surely, it’s all a result of the uprisings in urban areas, by inner-city youths and their communist agitators, right? It’s horrible, right?

    Well, it’s horrible, sure, but it’s actually been a pretty average—if not below average—year for violent homicide of police officers, compared to the last thirty years.

    Do you need an example of media conditioning of the American mind? I’m going to give you an example.

    We have Fox News on, at the moment, as we’re sitting here, deciding what we’re going to actually do for the evening, since the kids are at Grandma’s for the weekend.

    They were just discussing the assassination of the Harris County, TX deputy last night. To preface this, despite some folks’ belief that I am somehow anti-cop, I am NOT saying that this was okay. At all. I am however, going to use this as a PERFECT example of how the media fucking controls people’s thinking.

    Lots of cops getting killed this year, right? Lots of cops being shot and murdered.

    Except, we’re actually BELOW the average for the year, compared to recent history, despite the brouhaha the media is making.

    I have been wondering about it for a little while now, with the constant barrage by the media, of police officers being assassinated. So, I went and looked at the Officer’s Down Memorial Page (, to look at the statistics.

    Keep in mind, as you look at the numbers:

    1) We are already at the end of August. So, we’re 2/3 of the way through the year. As of my checking today, there were 82 line-of-duty deaths of police officers, nationwide (the Harris County Deputy was not yet listed). Of that 82, three were the result of “Assault,” twenty-three were a result of “Gunfire,” (not including “Accidental Gunfire,” which is a separate category), and three were the result of Vehicular Assault. Remember those numbers, and remember, we’re already 2/3 of the way through the year.

    Assault: 3
    Gunfire: 23
    Vehicular Assault: 3

    That’s a total, 2/3 of the way through the year, of 29 violent homicides of police officers….If the trend remains, that’s going to result in 45 violent homicides of police officers, by the end of the year, assuming my math is correct (and it’s entirely possible that it’s not. I suck at math….)

    Now, let’s look at 2005:

    In total, there were 166 LOD deaths of police officers, nation-wide, in 2005. Of those, none are listed as “Assault,” but there was one killed by “Stabbing.” There were FIFTY-THREE killed by “Gunfire,” FIFTEEN killed by Vehicular Assault, and one killed by a “bomb,” (And I don’t know if that was intended to kill the officer, as in a targeted assassination, or he was an EOD guy who got blown up in the line-of-duty). Assuming the bomb victim was an assassination, that’s a total of 70, for violent murders of police officers, in 2005. We’re WAY behind 2005, so far this year.

    But, let’s look back another decade, to 1995:

    In 1995, there were 187 total LOD deaths of police officers in the US. Of those, four were “Assaults.” SEVENTY were “Gunfire.” Four were “Stabbing” victims, eight were “Vehicular Assault.” Eight are listed as “Terrorist Attack,” referring to the bombing of the Murrah Federal Building in OKC (Regardless of what you think happened in OKC, let’s assume it WAS what we’ve been told it was, for the sake of argument, and it COULD be said that those eight were the victims of “assassination.”) That’s a total of 94 violent assassinations of police officers in 1995….
    How about 1985?
    There were 180 total LOD deaths, nation-wide. Of those, 98 were violent homicides. Six were the result of “Assaults.” SEVENTY-FIVE were the victims of “Shooting,” and three were “Stabbed.” Fourteen were the result of “Vehicular Assault.”

    If you extrapolate the numbers for the rest of the year, based on averages….29 divided by 8 months is 3.65 per month. So, for 12 months, that would make the projection come out to 43.5 violent homicides of police officers in the US for the year….

    So, exactly how “bad” of a year has it ACTUALLY been for police officers, and how much is actually a result of us just being MORE exposed the killings that HAVE occurred, because of the 24 hour news cycle? How much are you being played by the media?

    Turn off the fucking television, get off the Internet (except to read my blog, of course….), and go get face-to-face with your friends, family, and neighbors. It’ll drop your blood pressure, almost as much as doing PT will.

    (I should add the parenthetical note….I don’t believe the ODMP is an official .gov website, and I didn’t look at the FBI page to look at these numbers. Feel free to correct me, if the numbers on the FBI site contradict the message.

    I should also add, again….this is NOT a bash on cops, most of whom are doing a good job at a shitty job. Any comments talking about “pigs” or advocating the assassination of police officers will be deleted forthwith. That’s NOT the purpose of this article.)

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Continue reading...
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    The "assault on cops" stories and memes on Facebook reek of a campaign to identify those who support the police and those who do not.

    The other side of this issue is the psy-op on police officers to label the public as an enemy to be feared and hated.

    Here in the Midwest, watching the evolving story of the shooting of Fox Lake IL. police officer Lt. Joe Gliniewicz has been fascinating, especially because of the huge media hoopla surrounding the shooting. The Lt.'s funeral cortege was 18 miles long including large numbers of police from everywhere in the area. Fund raising for the family was set up within hours of the shooting. Yard signs, the expensive double sided plastic kind that generally take some time to have printed, were displayed that day in yards in Fox Lake and surrounding communities.

    Fox Lake was locked down during the "manhunt" and DNA swabs were taken from area residents.

    The Lake County Task Force who investigated the shooting were visibly upset at the Lake County coroner for the contents of his report. As I understand it, people are not buried until the coroner issues a report. The Lt. was buried before the final report was issued, and there is now a media blackout on the case.

    Coroner Expects 1st Meeting with Task Force Probing Cop's Death - But Not Before Next Week
    The coroner said he felt like was “in ‘Alice in Wonderland’” when told there was nothing to stop him from attending a prior meeting.
    Crystal Lake-Cary, IL
    By Joseph Hosey (Patch Staff) September 17, 2015
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    The Lake County Coroner said he will finally meet with the task force investigating the death of a Fox Lake police lieutenant — but not until nearly three weeks after the veteran cop was killed, at the earliest.

    The coroner, Dr. Thomas Rudd, said he was left out of a Monday meeting between the Lake County Major Crimes Task Force and the pathologist who conducted the autopsy on police Lt. Charles Joseph Gliniewicz.

    On Thursday, the spokesman for the Lake County Sheriff’s Department, Christopher Covelli, said, “Nobody was excluded from that meeting” and that coroner’s office was represented. Rudd said he was later told he “could have come if he wanted,” but called the statement “nonsense” and “double-talk.”

    “I feel like I’m in Alice in Wonderland here,” said Rudd.

    The coroner has yet to rule on whether Gliniewicz, 52, was the victim of a homicide or accident, or if he died by his own hand. Last week, Rudd, along with other officials, allegedly had his life threatened by a retired Chicago cop. According to Covelli, the retired officer, 54-year-old Joseph Battaglia of Oak Lawn, said he would harm everyone involved with investigating Gliniewicz’s death if it was not ruled a suicide.

    The coroner said his meeting with the task force cannot be scheduled until after pathologist Manny Montez returns from vacation Sunday. Montez was at the Sept. 14 meeting, Rudd said, but he wants him back when he sits down with the police.

    Gliniewicz was killed shortly after he started his shift the morning of Sept 1. He radioed in that he had spotted two white men and a black man in a remote area of the sleepy northern Illinois town and determined that they were “suspicious.” He then reported that he was going to confront them, police said.

    Mystery deepens around death of Illinois cop, despite lengthy probe
    By Matt Finn

    Published September 25, 2015
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    Nearly a month after the mysterious death of Illinois police officer Joe Gliniewicz, police face mounting pressure to release more information about how the 52-year-old died on the job.

    Lead investigators have said Gliniewicz, a 30-year police veteran, was shot to death Sept. 1 by three suspects in a rural area of Fox Lake, Ill. However they will not reveal crucial pieces of evidence including results from ballistics and forensics tests—saying it would jeopardize the case.

    “There are two groups of people who should know what happened at the scene,” said Det. Chris Covelli, the Lake County Major Crimes Task Force spokesperson. “The investigators that are actively investigating this and the other group is those responsible.”

    “There’s a major sense of urgency on our part.”

    - Det. Chris Covelli, the Lake County Major Crimes Task Force

    Gliniewicz has been hailed as a hero, one of the latest officers across the country to be shot to the death in the line of duty. The nation tuned in on TV and thousands attended his ceremonious funeral.

    But now theories abound and more questions than answers remain in the officer’s death investigation. Many are left wondering why the Lake County Major Crime Task Force remains so tight-lipped.

    Fox News asked Covelli if the community should still be on high alert for three cop killers—only described as two white males and one black male.

    “There’s a major sense of urgency on our part,” Covelli said, insisting neighbors keep their eyes and ears open.

    Fox News has learned that the police car Gliniewicz was in on the morning of Sept. 1 did have a GPS tracking system in it, which will indicate when he arrived to the crime scene. So far that information has not been released. Two sources close to the investigation tells Fox news it’s possible Gliniewicz arrived up to 20 minutes before he radioed in about three suspects, raising more questions about what happened that day.

    Covelli also revealed that one of the dozens of K-9 units on the crime scene tracked a scent away from the scene—but the dog’s handler suffered from heat exhaustion and had to stop the search. Covelli told reporters police did not continue following the only scent trail they say they found.

    Police say there was DNA found at the crime scene that doesn’t belong to Gliniewicz but so far it hasn’t matched anyone in the nationwide CODIS database or the 80 people the Lake County Major Crime Task Force swabbed since Gliniewicz’s death. Analysis and tests are continuing.

    Fox News first reported weeks ago that sources close to the case say evidence suggests Gliniewicz might have killed himself. Lake County Coroner Dr. Thomas Rudd and other sources have told Fox News Gliniewicz died of a single devastating gunshot wound that struck him underneath his bullet proof vest. The gun was “dropped at his body.” Sources say there was no sign of a struggle or defensive wounds on Gliniewicz—especially one to save his own life.

    The investigation has been led by Commander George Filenko, who held numerous news conferences stating this case remains a homicide investigation and they are confident it will be solved.

    “At the end of the day our job in this investigation is to seek justice for Lt. Gliniewicz, the Gliniewicz family and the Fox Lake community,” Covelli said. “Justice will be served in this investigation.”

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    We are being manipulated by the main stream media.......!!
    I also had to listen to the pain my daughter and her husband shared.... the Harris County, TX deputy was a fellow deputy with my daughters husband, my SIL. There is a war on... it has many fronts, good vs evil, left vs right, and so on.
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    Yep there is a war on. It is to divide people to accomplish the complete control of our lives.
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