You are all menally ill....

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    I think I remember seeing this on here a while back, but it deserves repeating if it was..

    Anybody who does not agree with the governement is mentally ill and should be committed.. I think this is one of the things they were hoping to get out there by repealing the anti-propaganda law.

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    The authors need a quick crash course in English Grammar. They claim:

    The term they use is AGP or Anti-Government Phobia...but by definition, anti-government phobia would be "the unreasonable fear of someone/thing that has an anti-government belief or stance". Anti-Government Phobia would then be diagnosed not in those who don't trust the government but in those who don't trust those who don't trust the government (namely the government itself and/or their lackeys and/or the sheep).

    The proper term would be GP or Government Phobia. However, as @kellory pointed out in a thread earlier, phobia is:
    The key there is irrational fear. In the current environment, it isn't irrational!

    While I can agree with the fact that an unfounded fear of government (or anything for that matter) is or could be a recognizable mental illness, especially if it becomes debilitating, I reject the assertion that it is closely related to paranoid schizophrenia.

    The crap about it being infectious is just that...crap! Mental illness is NOT contagious or infectious, it can't be because that's not how it works. And then there is the dig about religious fanaticism.

    Ok, not going to delete this but I'm going to check the sources and find out if the site is "onionesque".
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    I would put this as an example of Melbo's Post on "Internet Shill" I Was a Paid Internet Shill Lots of this BS circulating around the Internet... and it must come from "somewhere"....
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