You can have a book club, just not if you discuss religion.

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by CATO, Sep 24, 2011.

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    Just more rights stolen from the citizens of this once great country,it will only get worse before it gets better...
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    I'm wondering if the same rightious indignation would apply

    in the case of a folks having regular meetings in their home to read and discuss the Qu'ran?

    As a matter of equity there ought not be any difference in treatment, but I suspect that the followers of Islam would have somewhat less sympathy in the same circumstances. Without knowing the precise details of the relevant ordnance, it's difficult to know, whether or not the ordnance is applicable to the Fromm's situation.

    I guess the Fromms could possibly get around the problem by making the gathering a by invitation only potluck with extended pre meal grace and post meal benediction.
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    I beleive the key word in the statute is "regular." Have a couple hundred people in once a year, maybe no problem?
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    Seems like a little common sense on both parties' part would be a good thing.

    The city ordinance against a regular gathering of more than "three people" is ridiculous. That means every time a family sits down to dinner, they're breaking the law.

    Likewise, if your study group has grown to fifty people, meeting twice a week, perhaps a more appropriate venue could be found. Life is easier when a little common sense is applied.

    This is another example though of why I will never live within a city's limits. You get too many people together in one place, and the collective IQ starts dropping rapidly.
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    We don't know the whole story, obviously. But a few things to ponder.....

    IF they are having enough cars to cause street blockages or disrupting traffic flow - that's a problem.

    IF they are parking in neighbor's yards (I have had this happen!) - that's a problem.

    IF they are one of those raucus and LOUD factions of religiosity that tend to get rather.... 'excited'..... - that's a problem.

    IF they lived next to me and ANY of the above happened - that's a BIG problem!
    The time some kids parked their cars in MY front lawn to visit across the street - I called the cops after the kids would not move their cars. Next step woulda been calling the tow trucks, bill going to those kid's mommas (or whoever owned the cars).
    I try to be a decent neighbor - but there ARE limits.
    Also put outward pointing spikes on my water meter cover - NEXT idiot who drives over it will be buying new tires......... [beat]
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    Every day I read more and more of the same old same old....It's no longer a rarity now....Loss of rightsto do anything...
    I get the feeling "WE" are coming back to the lesson of "history repeating itself" ever so often....
    Like the old days of the KGB, the SS Troopers, and kids are being told to turn in their parents, people being told to turn in everyone they see, doing anything...Sheesh!
    It's an abysmal failure to communicate!
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