You can never own property in usa

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  1. Those who know understand that the owner of real estate is the one who can take it and sell it.

    Ultimately that is the gov't in any state with a property tax.

    The individuals who think they own it just "rent" the property from the owner which is the gov't.

    Doubt that, don't pay the property tax and watch them kick you off and sell it.

    Now North Dakota has a bill on the ballot to eliminate property tax.

    What an amazing thing, buy and own your property and no gov't can take if from you for not paying them the extortion er tax on it.

    Gov't loves property tax, because they know you can't pick up and hide your land.

    How can one be free when gov't claims the right (at the point of a gun) to take what is yours, just because they can?

    Just food for thought, and heads up on the ND proposal

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    Very true, Thad. =) And most folks just don't understand that "Real Estate" does not equal property. If the bank holds the property, one does not own it, and unless they hold the title (allodial title, meaning none higher) to the LAND, then it's just a bill of sale, or a certificate of ownership, not the actual title. Also, the taxation itself is in fact rent paid to the State, who are acting as owners of the land. To date, there are no states aside from Texas (and even that may not be accurate) that I know of which issue actual land titles. If one buys "real estate", they are only buying what is above the ground (i.e., that's the house) --my understanding of this comes from more than 10 years ago, and much has happened since then.

    If ND is actually considering abolishing property tax, it's a move in the right direction, but they will still have to address the title issuance for property (land).

    Finally, even with an actual title (not a 'certificate' of title) the land owner will still have to be willing to use more force than the State who will almost certainly come to collect on unpaid taxes. This makes modern day argument over property ownership and taxation a moot point since I know of none who are willing to place family at risk and face another Ruby Ridge type of incident. The system has become socialistic, and property "ownership" is a myth in the (once) land of the free.
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    In PA, if you "own" land in fee simple and there are no other encumbrances, you own from the center of the earth to the top of the atmosphere. There are obvious limitations on what you can do with the air, but the ground is with the surface and can be controlled by the "owner." Other states have different rules, or have encumbered the titles in other ways; thinking here about the west with its water rules and laws. So far as I know, there is no land left in PA with allodial titles unless native Americans have a piece of it.
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    In NC, theres also a Property Tax, with Fire Dept fee added on, on your Vehicle!!! Don't pay it & you can't get your tag renewed. your Tag which is a HighWay Use Tax.
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    Oh yes you can! It's called a Land patent.
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    4 people in Arizona went to jail for selling "land patents" last year...
    1 of them was an 80 some year old lady and her husband running a mailbox place....
    2 people had the signs posted on their gates and they were "duly escorted" away...haven't seen hide nor hair of them since....
    Charged with fraud, as they sold paperwork which was frauduent and charged people $200 plus an additional $65 for a screen printed sign!
    As far as all the real estate agents I have spoken with and county and state officials, they claim all "land patents" no longer exist or are solely held by families dating back to the 1800's. Research here shows they are considered no longer valid, UNLESS you have one signed and recorded by the original property owners ( aka: American Indians, etc.) I have no idea! But people were trying to sell me one and it was all quite strange...It had to be paid in cash only, and no records sent to the county or state, no notary, just 1 person taking the cash and handing you a packet of papers ( xeroxed copies) and you presented to whomever questioned the deal, those papers. HINKY!
    You never own land, it just owns you!
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