You Can't Ban Evil

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    Well Spoken Young Lady.

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    I liked everything she said except for the part about us not needing to get rid of this oppressive gov. I think they are wayyy past due for their punishment. They are children that have been let grow spoiled and rebellious and now it is time for the rod.

    About evil, she sounds like she knows what evil is but she doesn't point out what her opinion of evil is. She doesn't define it and I think that would have been a good thing to do. Evil is the control of others all the way up to and including the ending of their lives. The more lives you end the more evil you are. Its a scale where you start with telling someone else what to do, then the more control you exert over their lives the more evil you become. This is why it is so important to make sure that when you are fighting for what you believe in you give everyone the option of choosing it for themselves. This is also why the smallest battles are the ones worth fighting for the most.

    "when you find yourself in the majority it is time to go back and reflect" ~Mark Twain
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    eloquently stated.

    My own view can't ban evil....but you can do your darnedest to stop it in its tracks when you see it.
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