you do NOT have the right......

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    A good blog post and a worthwhile blog to keep up with:

    Another Year Without Groceries: You Do Not Have the Fundamental Right....

    It is always interesting to learn something new....and I see that the .gov has been meddling in people's lives for a long time. You, of course, know this....but seeing specific examples is sobering.

    There is a common theme here with Rand's Atlas Shrugged: when the fruits of your labor have an impact on a corporation, industry, or connected individual, the hammer of "justice" will hit you hard. These people use their power to alter market forces in a way that harms consumers and suffocates the businesses that would thrive if left alone.
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    Yep all the way back to the 1860s when the fed. government became more powerful than the states. Remember the states had the army's then and were in control of there own affairs.
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    All I can say is, Come for my Garden, you'll stay to become next years fertilizer!
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    Kinda funny how some people think...if you call what the freaks in D.C. do as thinking. I've known for a while the government is doing what it is, because it really is scared of people being self-sufficient, for the simple fact that means they won't have any need for the government(as I understand it, original purpose was for Feds to deal with international crap, and States to deal with local, not this clusterf**k we have now).
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    wood chipper.....spreads fertilizer out more....
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