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Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by Seacowboys, Jun 22, 2011.

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    I came across this through survivalblog. This Gerianos guy (the article's author) goes out of his way to paint people with a fantastically huge brush, and can't resist dropping 'militia', 'white supremacist' and 'neo-nazi' in any story involving a firearm.
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    Just wow! The more than sixty-five hundred comments are much more enlightening than the biased article. The sleeping giant is awake and the gub'ment and media had best wake up soon. Thanks for the link SeaCB, that is awesome that so many folks are saying "enough".
  4. beast

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    ya do know all of us that are into preppin are considered extremist and possible terrorists dont you?
    sooner or later theyll be lookin to round us up and brand us
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  6. Brokor

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    And the government hacks are everywhere, taking names, plotting their attack, wringing their hands...

    But the thing they always forget is that WE will NEVER submit to TYRANNY and their cause will be in vain. In the end, all will be as it should. We are the human race -ONE people, with an inherent attraction toward liberty and freedom. Sure, so many have fallen to the ranks of common sheep, indifferent and lulled to sleep with the slowly choking fumes of complacency --just beat upon the nest one time and watch us form into the great dragon to wreak vengeance upon the wicked. Our brief history on this rock has shown that humanity's strength resides in our natural attraction to resist tyranny and to boldly stare it down even while standing upon the precipice of uncertainty.

    This game being played is sometimes difficult for some to comprehend; there is always some form of disaster created to play upon the fear and emotions of the people. Once this tactic is recognized, it becomes a simple matter of transferring these emotions from the category of fear into the dead calm of serenity --a place we each hold within ourselves where no deeds of trickery or deceit can ever corrupt; it is the heartbeat of the human race, an endless cosmic energy which binds us; the truth of our consciousness beats to the rhythm of our calling --we are ourselves, becoming. All of this around you is only a mere distraction, smoke and mirrors to keep you occupied while the few who believe themselves to be cunning and enlightened prey upon you like vampires in the night. They will finally realize the error of their ways when the candle is finally lit and the darkness does as it can only do: flee and dissolve. Bring a single candle into a room of complete darkness, and there will always be light, but carry as much darkness as can be conceived into a room filled with the light of wisdom and love, and the darkness instantly disappears. This simple metaphor is indicative of our apparent nature and it is symbolic of what is to come. We stand ready. You are never alone.
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  7. gunbartender

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    even if the author read all 6500+ replies he still wouldn't get it.
  8. STANGF150

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    Ah but Beast, we are also the ones THEY want to go after least. We are sumwhat paranoid pessimists. We prep & plan for the worst nature or man can cause. An any bureaucrat knows that if he gives the orders to go out & capture the wrong kinda person, his comfy career will be over as a side effect of the results of his order.
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  9. beast

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    :) i ssaid theyll try, we all know they wont manage it
    at least not 100%
  10. STANGF150

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    LoL it'll be Perfectly Safe.......well for Me at least.

    Just ask the friends I used to play Paintball wars with. If I remember correctly what was said of me is I'm a "cheating, sneaking SOB that likes to Ambush folks from multiple directions & am never where you THINK I'm ambushing you from, and when you attack where you think I'm ambushing you from I ambush you from another direction entirely, an thats AFTER you are trying to get the drop on where you originally THOUGHT I was"

    Dunno why my "Friends" would have said such things. Might have been because they was sneaking up on an inflatable doll in a mini-trench/bunker thinking it was me that I'd dressed in camo clothes like mine. Then using 2 different frequency remote control cars rigged to paintball guns I opened fire on them from another direction from sum bushes. After they was completely busy shooting that way, I threw paint filled balloons/grenades
    from up in the trees where I was hiding & then opened fire myself. Was SUPPOSED to be an Every Man for Himself Match, but me being a newbie they decided to gang up & teach me a Lesson. Funny thing is they quit inviting me to play not long afterwards :rolleyes:

    What can I say, I learned from War Fiction books long ago, "If you ain't Cheating You Ain't Trying"
  11. Cephus

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    If you're in a fair fight ,your tactics are wrong !!!
  12. STANGF150

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    Fair? what is this word "Fair" I've heard of it, but usually from Rabid Liberals arguing Gun Control with me. Usually right after I cut them to pieces verbally & logically. Last one to argue with me said anything sumone wants all they have to do is ask &she'd give it to them, as part her arguement for why guns not needed. Evil SOB that I am, I then asked her "Even if its sex with you or your children?" Never seen sumone turn so red in anger in my life. Awhile later is when she accused me of not argueing "Fair". In return I asked her "whats fair about you wanting to deny me & others Our Rights & our Right to protect our lives?" She got Mad again [reddevil]

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  13. Clyde

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    You will never convince someone of this until they or a friend of theirs, sadly, gets raped or murdered with no gun involved. They they will realize it is evil that causes the same acts of violence with a hand, gun, penis, knife, etc.

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