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Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by CATO, Feb 9, 2012.

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    » Group Forces Congressional Hearing On Big Sis’ Twitter, Drudge Spying Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

    Congress: "Can you please describe 'anti-government sentiment'?"
    Big Sis: "Uh...well, you know, it's those people who don't like the government. They say the country would be better off without us...that we're trampling on the Constitution. Those people."
    Congress: "Do they advocate violence against the government?"
    Big Sis: "Well...not really, but they have guns and say don't trample on me."
    Congress: "Are they the ones causing all that trouble with this 'Occupy' business?"
    Big Sis: "Oh no, those are our peop.....uhh, I mean, those are protesters who are fed up with the way this country is run."
    Congress: "Ohhh...these are the Tea Party people then?"
    Big Sis: "No...those people don't really cause any trouble. Wait! Yes they do...they stirred up this whole mess by wanting us to abide by the Constitution. That document was written a long time ago....things change and we know better how people should live than they do. If we could get the people under control...things would go more smoothly for the things we want to change within the Constitution."
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    I don't mind being on them--the company is not bad--lol.
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    LOL! I hope they redacted my PII like they said they were going to do.


    Oops, hey do you guys have a bunch of black SUV's pulling up outside your house too?

    Just a sec ......
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    It rather reminds me a little of the Mikado

    It rather reminds me a little of the Mikado when Ko-Ko (The Lord High Executioner) sings the song "I've Got a Little List". Only, having a paranoid government doing what dictatorships (fascist and communist) in the past had seen as essential for their continued existence (against internal dissent) is rather disconcerting! : O

    Monty Python - I've Got A Little List Lyrics

    (My Emphasis)</pre>
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    I wonder how many commercial code laws they broke when their analysts registered for services with fictitious name and bogus email addresses.

    Wasn't DHS and Congress harping about that being illegal not to long ago?

    Oh, it's only for the goose , not the gander. Right.
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    A test of moral pliability & readiness to become quislings?

    Also consider the morally corrupting influence on private and public corporations in being enlisted to become agents of government espionage style surveillance. One can reasonably assume that such a requirement was a test of pliability and the willingness to do that, which may not only have been illegal, but that which is morally indefensible....oh...yes...some corporations seem to have few ethical problems co-operating with governments that persecute the peoples that governments are supposedly meant to serve.

    IBM and the Holocaust - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    Oh, but when The Goobermint commits a crime, it's alright...... it's for our safety, ya know! The end justifies the means. [own2]
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    I dont even know what to say. This is GARBAGE. Posting just to bump this up.
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    Ya'll just quit sayin negative stuff about the Fed and go eat your veggies like Michelle says to. You know they know whats best for you.[aiw]
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    BTW. since I am newish here, I must point out that my prior post was dripping with sarcasm. Just in case you didn't notice.
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    I think we got it -- :lol:
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    No sweat, you fit right in! The Monkey Tree is always soggy with sarcasm. We revel in it! [applaud]
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    If I read the document correctly DHS:Media Monitoring page100-104 looks like they show how to edit text messages or social media.

    Time to hunt down the moles at the Monkey.

    Stay away from these sites and you'll be good to go. [dunno]
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    Democrats with lists???

    Hmmmm, left-wing McCarthyism, anyone??
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    I was thinking they are doing nothing more than profiling. You go to the Drudge Report to actually get some real news and you're put on a list??? Gimme a 'f'ng break.

    Here's the essence of this situation:

    A group in power DECIDES it does not like dissension
    Said group starts keeping a list and monitors listees
    Blatant invasion of privacy for nothing more than NOT drinking the Kool-Aid

    The next time there's a power shift and said group is on the other side, if you did the same thing to them, they would cry like the pu$$ies they are.

    The Founders would call them a "faction." See Federalist #10.
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    Oh we will know about it when it gets leaked, or the servers it is stored upon are hacked.

    If it's on a computer that is connected to a network, it's vulnerable. So if the officer pulling you over can query it, guess what. It's hackable.

    We just need to wait until wikileaks get a copy and it goes viral on drudge or released on cryptome
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    I know a few old boys who are luckey enough not to have a SS#. Now thats Freedom, Goobermnent dont even know they exists.
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    Think Hitler had his LISTS also, you guys sure are having a good time with your so called Leaders.
    Unfortunately, not long ago anyone that said, we are being watched, monitored and put on a list as potential threats to National Security, that same person was called a Conspiracy NUT and needs a good dose of reality, the Gov't doesn't and never will do that.
    Doubt any Aussie will be on that list, unless we try to gain access to live or holiday there, Lists in the wrong hands can go wrong in a bad way fast, no chance of going gray, and now you will have Drones over your own Cities, that will spread like Skyinet in Terminator, they will have Eyes and Ears everywhere
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