You have been in this Economy Before

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    ('79) I was a two striper airman first class!! Putting nuclear warheads onto SRAM Missiles...
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    Yes! As a result of the fuel joke under Carter, I installed my own diesel storage tank and have kept it full. Today that full tank is a great investment at $3.95 diesel. By '79 I had done 10 years active and some reserve in the AF and had been piloting for Pan Am since 66! Me and Big John-same age- just I fight to win--! Overbore
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    ANother difference is that some people now a day actually want to see the US fall and plead for mercy. Not in Defence of Bush but everyone cried out that Bush didnt want to sign Kyoto blablabla and evryone knowing Full well the China was going to surpass us in emissions problem well guess what they have passed us and will surpass us for years to come and guess what they are not going to stop. Can you imaging trying to fight China in 10 or 20 years. Yeah hang on the rides rough....[booze]
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    ...This is interesting.

    Ya see, I don't remember the 70's...

    I wasn't born yet!
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